This post shows you the best modern farmhouse living room ideas.

Modern Farmhouse Living Room Ideas!

Are you looking for simple modern farmhouse decor living room ideas? You’ve come to the right place!

I know it can be a challenge redecorating your entire living room while at the same time making it a cozy and stylish place to live.

I love to look at visual inspo for living room decor, and I'm guessing you're the same!!

That’s why I’ll show you 17 farmhouse living room decor ideas with different styles and how to recreate them!

A farmhouse living room with rattan chairs andwooden furniture

These are some of the farmhouse living room ideas we’ll cover:

  • Modern farmhouse living room ideas
  • Neutral living room decor
  • Contemporary farmhouse decor
  • Cozy farmhouse decor
  • Fireplace living room ideas

Below, you find color scheme inspiration, a guide on how to mix and match the decor, and everything else you will need to make your living room decor come together.

1. Choosing the Perfect Coffee Table

A modern farmhouse with white furniture but a patterned rug, rattan coffee table and lots of art work

Mix in subtle farmhouse accents in a modern living room! Look at the rattan coffee table, wooden beams, and the textured rug.

A modern living room focuses on light colors and clean, straight lines. You can create an extra dimension to your living room by playing with a variety of textures and prints.

This coffee table has simple lines to complement the modern farmhouse style and adds a rustic touch. The wood beams above it also tie in beautifully.

2. Black and White Color Scheme

A black and white living room

Look at the different textures of the area rug, cushions, and artwork!! Even though the living room has such a muted color scheme, the patterns fill it with character.

Keeping your living space base furniture classic and modern is a fantastic idea, as it can be pricey. You want to make sure that the furniture can grow with your tastes.

Black and white furniture is timeless and goes with everything. You really can't go wrong with neutral colors.

3. Pendant Lights & Mood Lighting

Pendant lighting and chandelier

This chandelier of battery-operated candles is perfect for farmhouse interiors!!

Candles are a great option when aiming to create a cozy space, and it looks so elegant.

4. Exploring Natural Textures

A living room with gold accents, natural materials, a large gold mirror, plants and artwork

Modern farmhouse design celebrates the beauty of natural materials.

I love the warmth radiating out of this living room; the gold materials and plants are such a fun way to add color.

The long curved mirror also looks incredible! Don’t be afraid to mix up the materials of your living room furniture.

Mix and match different textures like dried flowers, woven baskets, knitted throw pillows, and linen curtains to add depth and interest to your space.

5. Shiplap Walls and Fireplaces

A living room with a fireplace

These white shiplap walls are so prevalent in farmhouse decor. They brighten the space and serve as a perfect backdrop for anything.

Look how it brings out the warmth from the wood tones!!

6. Accent Walls

A living room with leather chairs and an accent wall

In 2024, accent walls are very trendy. They bring a gorgeous touch to the room.

Adding a dark accent wall with some green plants, art, and wooden furniture is just what you need to set the tone.

Brown tones are often associated with the farmhouse aesthetic. Emphasize clean lines in your furniture and decor to prevent the space from feeling too cluttered or outdated.

7. Funky Mirror

A living room with a funky mirror and plant

I am OBSESSED with funky mirrors; they are a fun way to elevate your room.

Mirrors make the room feel much larger, especially when working in a small space.

8. Neutral Color Palette with Pops of Color

An orange and terracotta living room with a ottoman

Having neutral palettes with pops of color is a recurring theme in modern farmhouse decor, and for good reason.

The marcame is the epitome of the modern farmhouse style as well.

9. Simplicity Is Key

A wooden ladder with a blanket on it

This wooden ladder is an easy way to add some rustic elements to your living room while still achieving that modern look.

You can easily DIY it yourself if you're up for the challenge!

10. Leather, Earthy Tones and White Combo

A leather, white and earthy toned living room with a fireplace

This room is beautiful!! I am obsessed.

All the furniture is mixed and matched, but it ties in so well together.

The living room has a warm approach by pairing leather with earthy tones and white accents. The light fixture is gorgeous as well.

This combination is stunning and very timeless.

11. Transitioning to the Dining Room

Fairy lights draped around a room with natural materials

In this modern farmhouse home, the dining room is an extension of the living room.

Natural elements, fairy lights, and greenery create a cohesive look between the spaces. A large wooden dining table serves as a perfect gathering spot.

12. Pampas Grass

Pampas grass and rattan chair

Pampas grass is one of the best ways to add simple farmhouse decor to your home.

Not to mention, it is very cheap (even free) and needs minimal commitment!

13. Utilizing Your Fireplace

A living room with a white fireplace

Don't underestimate the effect of putting small decor items on your mantle piece.

The best part? They're interchangeable! You can switch out pieces whenever you want.

You can create a similar effect with floating shelves or with open shelving.

14. Creating Focal Points with Statement Pieces

A living room with an accent wall

How amazing is this space?? Every living room needs a focal point, and this room masters it beautifully.

The chunky wooden table and area rug blend well against the white furniture.

15. A Leather Couch

A living room and a leather couch

You only need a lovely leather couch and a big house plant to get the modern farmhouse look.

This is easy to achieve, even if you have a small space.

16. Green, Orange, and Beige

A green couch and yellow chair with large area rug

Green, orange, and beige are a dream combo.

This living room also incorporated small trinkets, pillows, vases, and blankets to achieve a farmhouse-style look.

17. Huge Full Length Mirror with A Gold Frame

A huge full length mirror with gold around it

Mirrors brighten up a space and make it feel larger. Combining it with the gold adds a touch of luxury and makes the living room feel and look expensive.

Together, it is a great way to embody the classic farmhouse look with a fresh, modern twist.

This post shows you the best modern farmhouse living room ideas.

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