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This post shows you the best very small living room ideas!

Small living rooms often present a unique set of challenges, and styling can be tricky.

A small living space can be comfortable and cozy. You just have to do some planning and learn how to maximize the space you have.

When I moved into my tiny apartment, I was overwhelmed by the lack of space.

But with a bit of creativity, I discovered that even the smallest living rooms can be cozy and inviting.

Remember, avoiding clutter is key to making your living room feel open and comfortable.

very small living room decor

Now, let's get into these very small living room ideas!

1. Find the right coffee table

small living room ideas

In a small space, every inch counts. 

Opt for a coffee table that can be multifunctional to place decor items like a cute tray, books, or fresh flowers - and also have storage.

Using a low coffee table can create the illusion of space.

Coffee table

2. Embrace natural light

small living room decor

Maximizing the natural light is a great way to transform the space, making it feel larger and more welcoming.

Use sheer curtains or leave your windows beer to invite in the sunlight.

Another way to create the appearance of a spacious living room is to strategically place a mirror to reflect light and enhance the brightness.

3. Create a focal point

small living room layout

Creating a focal point in your tiny living room helps draw attention and establish a sense of structure and style.

Consider choosing artwork, a piece of furniture, or even a decor tray as your focal point.

This will add visual interest and divert attention from the size of the space, making the room feel more organized and thoughtfully designed.

Storage ottoman

4. Strategic planning for your tiny living room

small living room inspirations

A small living room layout calls for strategic planning.

You should carefully consider each element in your living room and opt for furniture that is an asset when elevating your space.

Choosing light fixtures with frames that match the color of your furniture helps create a unified look.

This not only enhances the decor but also makes the space feel more pulled together.

Round pouf

5. Use light colors

small living room decor ideas

Using light colors in your small living room or having white walls is the best way to make the space feel larger and more open.

It gives a modern and uncluttered look and provides a great base for your other furniture.

Light colors also serve as a neutral backdrop, making it super easy to change up accents and decor with seasonal colors or trends.

Pampas grass

6. Invest in multifunctional furniture

apartment living room

This is one of my personal favorite space-saving living room tips.

Choose multi-functional furniture!

For example, a dresser in your living room creates extra storage and a space to show off cute decor.

Ottomans can serve as a coffee table and as a seat.

Small folding coffee table

7. Hang mirrors

apartment living room ideas

Use mirrors to make your small space feel larger and more open.

Opt for a frame that matches your style, whether it's modern, vintage, or rustic.

It's a perfect way to make a small space feel larger and more inviting.

Circle mirror

8. Hang a large piece of art

apartment living room decor

In a small living room, it can be better to add one large piece of art rather than creating a gallery wall.

Lots of wall decorations can make the space feel overwhelmed and cluttered.

However, this living room manages to incorporate the artwork beautifully.

The key is having identical frames.

Floating shelves

9. Furniture with thin legs

apartment living room design

When choosing furniture for your small apartment living room, try to go for pieces with thin legs.

This coffee and console table create a sense of more space while adding a sleek, modern touch to the decor. 

10. Entry table behind couch

apartment living room decor ideas

How smart is this idea! Placing an entry table behind the couch looks so cute and adds extra storage.

You can use the table to hold lamps, fresh flowers, decorative items, or other essentials.

Entry table

11. Play with scale

tiny living room ideas

In a small living room, using a mix of large and small furniture pieces is good to avoid a monotonous look.

Go for one large statement piece, like an oversized plant, lamp or artwork, and add smaller accessories to balance the space.

12. Add decor trays

Tiny living room decor

Decorative trays are my favorite things to add to any space!

A great starting point is to find a few items and then use a tray, wooden chopping board, or woven basket for a base.

This simple addition can significantly elevate the look of your living space, and you can easily update it for every season!

Add some candles to help create a cozy living room.

Woven tray

13. Lights mounted on the wall

Tiny living room design

Wall lights are such an easy way to save valuable floor space.

Wall-mounted light fixtures free up floor space, make the room feel cozy, and look super cool.

Light fixtures

14. Make use of ottomans

Tiny living room layout

Ottomans are multifunctional, look super cute, and can serve as extra seating.

I love how they look in replacement for a coffee table, plus they are easily movable.

Opt for storage ottomans if you want to sneak in some extra storage.

15. Keep it simple

Tiny living room decor ideas

Avoid clutter by sticking to a modern living room approach.

Choose a few key pieces of essential furniture and decor items to avoid overwhelming the space.

Consider using sleek furniture with clean lines to create a sense of open space.

16. Add a big rug

Cozy living room ideas

Suprisingly, a big rug in a small living room can work wonders.

An area rug will also make your space feel super cozy and put together.

Choose a rug that complements your room's color scheme and style to anchor the decor.

17. Keep it neutrals

Cozy living room design

A neutral color scheme is your best friend in smaller spaces.

They make spaces appear larger by reflecting light and providing a clean backdrop.

This allows you to play with textures and subtle patterns without overwhelming the space.

Cozy living room ideas for small spaces

This post shows you the best very small living room ideas!

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