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This post shows the best mantel decorating ideas for summer!

Summer is here!

What better time to spruce up your mantel with some seasonal decor?

Mantels are often overlooked when it comes to decorating, but it's actually the perfect place to add in some visual interest.

The possible combinations are endless, and there are so many creative themes you can experiment with while decorating.

If you're looking for some inspo for gorgeous and simple mantel decor ideas, you're in the right place.

summer mantel decorating ideas

Now, let's get into these mantel decorating for summer ideas!

1. Add a large piece of art

summer mantel decor

This summer mantel is all about keeping it fresh and simple!

The combination of green plants, wicker baskets, and that serene landscape painting creates a laid-back vibe perfect for the season.

I love how the decor allows for the a large piece of artwork to be the focal point.

Choose artwork that embodies that has soft colors and natural textures to create the perfect summer vibe.

Incorporate rich blues to add depth and warmth to the top of the mantel. 

2. Eucalyptus and a round mirror

summer mantel ideas

How sleek and fresh is this summer mantel?

The round mirror adds a touch of elegance, while the greenery and ceramics keep things simple and stylish.

To create visual interest, choose items of different heights, such as a tall vase, a large mirror, and a small candle.

This is perfect for those who love minimalist decor!

Round mirror

Faux eucalyptus

3. Coastal themed mantel

summer mantel garland

Summer is the perfect time to spend time outdoors and head to the beach.

But why not bring the outdoors indoors with some coastal-themed decor?

Display artwork of coastal landscapes or beaches, blue ceramics, and weathered wooden mantels to add a touch of summer to your home.

4. Add fresh flowers

summer mantel decorations

Nothing infuses summer more into a mantel than adding fresh flowers.

For this decor, all you need is a woven basket and some gorgeous summer flowers.

This beautiful fireplace adds a bright decor theme that will add a warm charm to your whole space.

Wicker basket

Faux flowers

5. Black and white mantel decor

summer mantel decor ideas

Why not divert from the usual bright summer decor and go for something like this?

The black and white decor pieces contrast beautifully.

I love how the arched mirror, simple vases, and delicate branches create a calm and inviting look.

This timeless color scheme is ideal for a chic and minimalist summer vibe.

Arched mirror

6. Minimalist mantel decor

summer decorations for home

Your summer decor does not always have to be brightly colored and dramatic. 

You can actually keep the design simple and minimal

For this decor, grab some fine line artwork, a few ceramics, and fresh greenery.

It’s a simple decor, yet it’s so eye-catching.

Faux plants

7. A gorgeous summer wreath

summer decorations

This summer mantel decor is a breath of fresh air.

The natural wreath with white blossoms brings in a touch of nature and rustic charm.

Pair it with wooden accents and woven baskets to complete the look.

The candles and neutral decor keep the look light and inviting.

Summer wreath

8. Keep it simple

summer decor diy

Sometimes, less is more.

If you want something a little more minimalist, then try this out; this idea is as classic as it comes.

Opt for a neutral color palette, and pop some white flowers in a simple glass vase; consider adding some ceramics or pieces of art to create some interest.

This decor is timeless and elegant; it’s perfect for those who love the minimalistic vibe

9. Dark fireplace area with summer flowers

summer decor ideas

This beautiful fireplace creates the perfect combo of dark and vibrancy.

The summer flowers give a burst of color to the dark backdrop, which brings the living room to life.

10. Farmhouse themed mantel

summer decorating ideas

This decor embraces the farmhouse theme.

For this decor, rustic elements like greenery, woven baskets, and weathered wood are best. 

Place a mirror in the middle to improve the overall design.

Farmhouse plants

11. Floral-themed mantel look

summer fireplace decor

This summer mantel decor is all about bright and cheerful vibes!

To recreate this decor, incorporate natural elements by arranging fresh or faux floral arrangements in pots or vases along the mantel. 

Remember to choose flowers that add a burst of color and evoke the essence of summer. 

Add in some candles to finish the look.

12. A eucalyptus wreath

summer fireplace decor ideas

Is the summer season complete without a wreath? 

Create a gorgeous summer wreath for your mantel. 

This eucalyptus wreath makes the perfect addition to the living room and can easily be used for the holiday season as well.

Hang your summer wreath above your mantel to give guests a warm welcome.

Eucalyptus wreath

13. Vintage mirrors and candlesticks

summer living room decor

This mantel decor showcases a beautiful blend of classic and contemporary styles.

The vintage mirror and candlesticks add a touch of timeless elegance.

Opt for gold tones to bring warmth to this mantel decor.

Keeping the mantel uncluttered allows for the vintage mirror to become the focal point.

Vintage mirror

14. Lemons, candle holders, and an evergreen garland

summer living room decor ideas

What screams summer more than fresh lemons?

Bring a touch of freshness to your mantel look by adding a few lemons.

Yellow lemons have such a vibrant color that contrasts beautifully with the evergreen garland.

Fake lemons

15. Boho themed mantel decor

mantel decorating ideas

If you want a different mantel idea, why not go for the boho vibe?

Embrace a mix of natural materials, textures, patterns, and colors.

Place a collection of different prints, frames, and pampas grass to add personality and create a relaxed atmosphere.

Pampas grass

Framed art prints

16. Wildflowers in mason jars

mantel ideas

Transform your mantle with this simple decor idea!

All you need are a few glass bottles or mason jars in different shapes and your favorite wildflowers.

Not only does this look beautiful, but it is a fun DIY project.

It brings a rustic, natural charm while still remaining chic.

Blue mason jar


17. Rustic mantel decor

mantel decorating ideas with tv

For this decor, choose a soft neutral color palette consisting of neutral tones such as brown, white, beige, soft gray, and blue. 

Use decorative items like distressed paintings, weathered wood, ceramics, and candles to decorate the mantel.

Mix and match different textures and sizes to create depth.

Ceramic vase

Eucalyptus stems

18. Round mirror and fresh greenery

mantel decorations

For this mantel decor, create a relaxing and cozy ambiance with an evergreen garland and candlesticks.

This can also easily work as Christmas decor in the holiday season.

Embrace the timeless elegance of this look.

Round mirror


19. Brick fireplace with a round mirror

mantel decorating ideas with mirror

The warm brick backdrop contrasts beautifully with the minimalist decor.

Add a round mirror with a few ceramics and candles to keep the area interesting.

Mirrors are fantastic as they brighten up the room and create the illusion of more space.

The greenery adds a pop of freshness, making this space feel airy and perfect for the season.

20. Greenery and circle mirrors

mantel decor with tv

As the warmer months are approaching, why not add some greenery around your mirror?

This decor is such a creative and chic way to bring summer into your home.

Wrap some faux vines around your mirror to create a cozy charm.

Wooden circle mirror

Faux vines

21. Pampas grass wreath

mantel decor ideas

This simple mantel idea is perfect if you want to keep it minimal.

Place a large pampas wreath above the electric fireplace; the rich brown hues warm the space.

Let the wreath speak for itself.

Pampas grass wreath

22. Simple mantel decor with candlesticks.

mantel decorating ideas spring

For this mantle decor, create an inviting atmosphere with candlesticks. 

Add some gold or brass candle sticks or ceramics if you want a vintage vibe. 

They look so elegant and timeless.

modern mantel decorating ideas

This post shows you inspo for the best mantel decorating ideas for summer!

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