This post shows you how to decorate a small living room for Christmas!

Struggling to figure out how to decorate your small living room for Christmas?

It’s easier than you think!

With a little creativity and some strategic decor choices, you can turn your small space into a winter wonderland.

From a small tree and pine cones to cozy candles, these Christmas decorating ideas are perfect for the holiday season and will not take up lots of floor space.

how to decorate a small living room for christmas

Now, I'll show you ideas for how to decorate a small living room for Christmas!

1. Christmas tray decor

living room christmas decor ideas

Isn't this Christmas centerpiece just adorable?

The coffee table is the perfect place to add a few holiday decorations.

I love the mix of pinecones, evergreen branches, and candles on a rustic tray; it has such a classic look.

And that little snowflake ornament is the cutest touch!

Plus, the matching wreath on the wall really pulls the whole room together

2. Tall vases, pinecones, and twinkle lights

living room christmas decorations

Looking to add a touch of Christmas to your small living room?

These pinecone-filled glass vases with fairy lights are the perfect solution!

This DIY centerpiece is an easy way to add holiday cheer and looks so cute.

The string lights create a warm, inviting glow that’s perfect for those winter evenings.

3. Greenery and candles

christmas living room decor

How cozy does this windowsill setup look?

For this decor, all you need are a couple of mason jars with lit candles and a sprig of evergreen.

This is so simple, but makes for the perfect simple Christmas decoration – especially when you don't have much floor space.

It's a cute idea and super easy to recreate for the holiday season.

4. Candles, greenery, and burlap

christmas living room ideas

Isn’t this Christmas candle just adorable?

Wrapped in burlap and tied with a bow, it gives off such a cozy, rustic feel.

This modern rustic centerpiece is perfect for the christmas season.

It’s an easy yet beautiful way to decorate for Christmas.

So simple yet so festive!

5. Paper houses

christmas living room decor ideas

I am obsessed with these paper houses; they add the perfect festive touch and are so adorable.

The tiny paper houses all lit up create a warm and inviting vibe.

Adding Christmas lights and greenery completes the look; it's a great way to bring holiday cheer into a small room.

Plus, it's super affordable to recreate as well.

6. Wood slab, holly, pinecones, and candles

small christmas tree

This is the perfect solution if you have limited floor space for a real tree.

It's a great option for festive decor, and it features wood slabs, candles, pinecones, and sprigs of greenery.

The little red berries add a pop of color that brings life back into the space.

Just imagine curling up on the couch with this beautiful centerpiece glowing beside you!

7. Small Christmas tree

small living room christmas decor

How gorgeous is this small tree?

If you have limited floor space for a real tree, this festive setup is a perfect solution.

The wood slabs, candles, and pinecones add a cozy, natural element.

Consider adding a small wreath as well,

8. Candles, pinecones, and greenery

small living room christmas decorations

If you're more of a minimalist, try this out!

I love a green, white, and brown color scheme.

For this decor, you need a few tall glass cylinders with pillar candles. Surround them with pinecones and miniature trees.

This is the perfect festive decor without feeling too cluttered.

This Christmas centerpiece is simple but makes a big impact.

9. Baby's breath, burlap, and candle

living room christmas ideas

If you’re looking for a versatile decor piece, this candle arrangement is perfect.

This stunning candle arrangement is perfect for a small living room space.

The best part?

You can use it all year round.

10. Cute holiday mason jars

modern christmas decor

How adorable are these Christmas mason jars?

The white jars, pinecones, and red berries make for stunning seasonal decor.

You can pop these on a side table in the living room or throughout your small apartment.

It's an easy and fun solution for adding Christmas decor.

11. A tiered Christmas tray

modern christmas decor ideas

I love a good tiered tray, and this Christmas tray is pure magic.

The tiny houses, decorated trees, and fairy lights make it look like a miniature winter wonderland.

It’s a beautiful way to add some holiday cheer to your home without taking up too much space.

12. Pine branches and candles

modern christmas decorations

This windowsill display is a great option if you love simple, elegant decor.

The frosted pine branches paired with white candles look super cozy.

Perfect for small spaces, this setup creates a cute and festive atmosphere.

13. Christmas mason jars

modern christmas ornaments

These frosted mason jars are a wonderful addition to any small living room.

I love the rustic touch of the twine and holly leaves – it really makes the jars look festive and inviting.

Just imagine these glowing softly on your coffee table or mantle, adding a magical touch to your home.

14. An orange candle and pinecones

minimalist christmas decor

How cozy does this Christmas setup look?

An orange candle surrounded by pinecones in a glass bowl is such a simple yet stunning centerpiece.

I love the orange and brown colour scheme.

Plus, it's ridiculously easy to recreate!

15. A faux Christmas tree

minimalist christmas tree

Trying to figure out how to fit a Christmas tree into your small living room?

This setup is a great example of how to do it right.

The red, green, and gold Christmas tree is beautifully decorated and fits snugly into the corner, maximizing floor space.

Consider adding a touch of greenery to your coffee table as well.

16. Pinecones, candles, and a wooden bowl

minimalist christmas decor ideas

This cozy centerpiece is the perfect solution if you have limited floor space for a real tree.

Using wood slabs, candles, pinecones, and sprigs of greenery brings the festive spirit into your living room.

It's a great way to embrace the Christmas season without taking up much space.

17. A silver and white Christmas

apartment christmas decor

I am obsessed with this silver and white theme.

Decorating a small living room for Christmas can be challenging, but this setup makes it easy.

The frosted tree fits perfectly in the corner, leaving plenty of room for everyday living.

The silver and white ornaments add a touch of elegance, while the garland on the mantel ties the whole look together.

Add some twinkle lights if you want to create a cozy feel.

18. Frosted mason jars, holly, and twine

apartment christmas decor ideas

If you want a simple yet festive decoration for your small living room, try this!

Filled with twinkling lights and topped with holly and berries, they create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

The twine gives them a charming farmhouse look that fits perfectly with holiday decor.

These jars are a perfect way to decorate for the holidays without cluttering your room.

19. More pinecones and fairy lights

Christmas decor DIY

I'm showing you another adorable pine cone centerpiece because they look so cute.

All you need to do is fill tall glass vases with pinecones and fairy lights.

It is ridiculously easy and brings an instant, cozy feel to the space.

You can even keep this up for the rest of the year.

20. Wooden tray with pinecones and silver decor accents

Christmas tray decor

How adorable is this Christmas tray decor?

With candles, pinecones, and silver ornaments, it makes a stunning centerpiece for your coffee table.

The greenery brings in a fresh feel.

It's a perfect way to decorate for the holidays without overwhelming your space.

DIY centerpieces

This post shows you how to decorate a small living room for Christmas!

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