This post shows you the best ideas for Christmas table centerpieces!

Christmas is just around the corner!

What better way to bring the festive spirit into your home than with stunning Christmas table centerpieces?

The right DIY centerpiece can elevate your holiday decor and make your Christmas season even more memorable.

From pine cones to cozy candles, these Christmas centerpiece ideas are perfect for the holiday season and will not break the bank.

Christmas decor ideas

Remember to experiment with a few different christmas table decorations to see which style you like best.

Now, let's get into these Christmas table centerpieces!

1. Red, white, gold, and green Christmas tablescape

Christmas table settings

Elevate your table decor with this beautiful Christmas tablescape.

I love a red, white, gold, and green Christmas color scheme.

The glow from the candles, the red berries, and the touch of gold ornaments make it super festive and cozy.

It's such a simple idea yet look so elegant.

2. Vases, pinecones, and twinkle lights

Christmas table decorations

How cute are these pinecone centerpieces?

Just fill tall glass vases with pine cones and fairy lights for an effortlessly cozy Christmas vibe. 

This DIY centerpiece adds the perfect festive touch without being overwhelming.

Rustic, warm, and oh-so-pretty!

3. Greenery, pinecones, and baubles

Christmas table runner pattern

Check out this beautiful christmas centerpiece!

This is the perfect focal point for the center of the table.

The mix of red and gold ornaments, pinecones, and greenery makes this Christmas table setup absolutely stunning. 

It's a cute idea and the perfect decor for the holiday season.

4. Candles, pinecones, and citrus

Christmas tablescapes

This modern rustic centerpiece is perfect for those who want something that diverts from the usual red and green theme.

Isn’t this centerpiece idea just the coziest?

This decor uses a wooden bowl filled with pinecones, citrus fruits, and candles to create a warm and inviting vibe.

So simple yet so festive!

5. Green and white centerpiece

Christmas table centerpieces

This green and white Christmas table runner is a refreshing change from the usual red and green theme!

The combination of candles, pinecones, and a faux garland work perfectly in this centerpiece.

Make sure to use candles with various heights to create a cohesive look.

6. Floating candle centerpiece

Christmas table toppers

Here is a fun centerpiece you can easily DIY.

To recreate this look, all you need are a few tall glass vases, holly berries, and floating candles.

It looks so elegant and is surprisingly simple to make!

7. Adorable Christmas table runner

Christmas table runner

How gorgeous is this Christmas garland?

The red berries, pinecones, and gold ornaments create a beautiful and festive look, perfect for decorating a mantel or table.

The candles create the coziness of the holiday months.

This Christmas table runner is a beautiful addition to any dining table.

8. Mini Christmas trees and pinecones

Christmas table decor

If you're looking for something more minimal, give this a try.

The tall white candles surrounded by pinecones and miniature trees create a subtle holiday vibe.

This centerpiece has the perfect balance of decor elements for any holiday gathering.

9. Oranges and candles

Christmas table decorations centerpiece

This Christmas centerpiece is super creative and unique!

The pinecones, greenery, and fresh oranges create a warm and inviting centerpiece. 

The citrus adds a burst of color to the dinner table, which really livens up the space.

10. Cute holiday mason jars

Christmas centerpieces DIY

How cute are these Christmas mason jars?

The frosted glass, pinecones, and red berries make for a charming and rustic centerpiece.

Perfect for adding a cozy touch to your holiday decor!

11. Red cranberries, mini reindeer, and greenery

Christmas centerpieces

Is any holiday centerpiece complete without including string lights?

This Christmas table decoration idea is pretty easy to put together and looks super stylish.

For this decor, use red berries, pinecones, and gold accents to make a beautiful and festive centerpiece.

12. Christmas mason jars

Christmas centerpieces cheap

These mason jar lanterns are a must for Christmas!

I love the frosted glass and twine accents; it gives it a hint of rustic charm.

They are ridiculously easy to recreate and are the perfect way to tie your table together.

I love the color combination of green, white, and brown; it is timeless and chic.

13. A glass bowl of pinecones and candles

Christmas centerpiece ideas

I love how cozy this Christmas centerpiece is; it captures the holiday season perfectly.

A simple bowl with pinecones and a lit candle makes for an easy yet stylish holiday table decoration.

Perfect for adding a touch of warmth to your space!

14. Silver, gold, and green

Christmas centerpieces for dining table

This stunning Christmas centerpiece is perfect for a glamorous holiday table!

The gold, green, and silver ornaments with pinecones create a luxurious and elegant look for your holiday table.

This idea is pretty easy to recreate and looks super adorable.

Drape some fairy lights around the baubles for the finishing touch.

15. Vintage mason jars and wildflowers

Modern christmas decor

This is perfect for those who want something a little cozy.

The white candles, pinecones, and fresh greenery create a warm and inviting look for your holiday table.

Using a wooden bowl as the base adds a touch of a modern farmhouse aesthetic.

16. Minimalist Christmas decor

Modern christmas decor ideas

This is a great example of how sometimes less, is more.

The white candles and fresh greenery are perfect for those who want minimalist Christmas decor.

I love the fairy lights placed throughout it.

17. Mason jars, holly, and twine

Modern christmas decorations

If you want a unique Christmas mason jar centerpiece, then try this out!

The fake snow on the glass, holly sprigs, and twinkling lights make them a stunning addition to any holiday decor.

The best part? They are super easy to DIY.

18. Pinecones and fairy lights

Minimalist christmas decor

Here is another example of how to create an adorable pine cone centerpiece.

Combining pinecones and fairy lights in tall glass vases adds a magical touch to any room.

It is perfect for bringing a warm and festive glow to your home!

19. Wooden tray with silver decor accents

Minimalist christmas decor ideas

I love this cozy rustic Christmas centerpiece.

The wooden tray filled with pearls, pinecones, candles, silver baubles, and faux greenery creates an inviting festive look.

This is an easy Christmas centerpiece that is timeless.

20. Floating candles with red roses

Table centerpieces for home

This is perfect for those who want an elegant centerpiece.

Floating candles with red roses and holly in clear vases create a stunning and festive look.

Simple, beautiful, and festive!

Add some tea lights if you want to create a cozy feel.

21. Stunning flowers, lace, and candles centerpiece

Table centerpieces for party

I am obsessed with this beautiful table setting.

The combination of candles, lace, and flowers is stunning.

This would be the perfect touch for the holiday season, or even for a wedding.

22. Christmas floral arrangement

Table centerpieces DIY

Why not create a stunning floral centerpiece for Christmas?

Add a combination of bright flowers and twinkling lights to create a lovely and inviting look.

Consider placing the floral arrangement in a mason jar to add a touch of rustic charm.

23. A tiered Christmas tray

Table centerpiece decorations

This Christmas-tiered tray is pure magic!

The tiered tray filled with miniature houses, white trees, and twinkling lights creates a super festive centerpiece.

Perfect for adding a touch of holiday cheer to your decor!

24. Classic table runner

Table centerpiece ideas

This table setting is perfect for those who want a super classic centerpiece.

This decor sticks to the combo of greenery, pinecones, and baubles.

Add in some fairy lights for the finishing touch.

25. Apples, pinecones, and greenery


This centerpiece goes outside the box and uses apples to create a festive feel.

The fresh apples, pinecones, and greenery create a lovely and inviting look.

Ideal for adding a touch of freshness to your table.

DIY centerpieces

This post shows you the best ideas for Christmas table centerpieces!

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