This post shows you the best DIY Halloween centerpieces!

Creating your own Halloween table centerpieces can be a fun and creative way to add a personal touch to your Halloween celebration.

Whether you're hosting a Halloween party or just want to get into the spooky season, DIY Halloween centerpieces can set the mood.

When it comes to Halloween decor ideas, nothing is off-limits. 

I've got you covered, whether it's with lots of pumpkins, fresh fall flowers, or a spooky setup filled with spider webs, skulls, and ghosts.

halloween apartment decor

Now, let's get into these Halloween centerpieces!

1. A cute Halloween tray

halloween centerpieces

A fun project is to create a cute Halloween tray.

To recreate this, all you need is a wooden tray, a few mini pumpkins, candles, faux autumn leaves, and a small sign.

I LOVE this Halloween tray because it’s modern and simple - yet embodies the Halloween season.

2. Black taper candles

halloween living room

For those of you looking for bringing a little bit more of the spooky spirit into your home, try this out.

Place candle holders along your dining table, a spooky skull, and a dried fall flower arrangement.

It's not overwhelming yet still catches your eye, making it perfect for a spooktacular centerpiece.

3. Candy and flower arrangement

DIY Halloween centerpiece

This is one of my favorite Halloween centerpiece ideas.

Beautiful florals paired with your favorite Halloween sweet treats. 

I like to use jars that are different in shape to add some variety.

Then go crazy with the candy; add candy corn, lollipops, pumpkins, ghosts, or whatever else you have on hand to take it to the next level.

4. DIY Bat branches

halloween decor ideas

If you're looking for a fun DIY project, that is a little bit spooky but is still subtle - try this out.

You can buy fake bats and branches from your local craft store.

Consider spray-painting the branches black to bring a scary look to the table.

Then, attach the decorative bats on the branches and pop them into a vase.

5. Create a Halloween Letter Board

halloween decor DIY

This is a classic!

Create a cute Halloween letter board for your entryway table or mantel.

You can even decorate the letterboard using LED lights, miniature skulls, plastic spiders, bats, or pumpkins.

6. LED lanterns

fall decor ideas for the home

Who doesn't love a good lantern? These LED lanterns look super festive and scary.

Place your LED lanterns on your table and surround them with pumpkins, spiders, candles, and fake spiderwebs.

It is the perfect centerpiece to your table and keeps things on point for the Halloween theme.

7. Halloween tablescape

halloween decorations party

If you're hosting a Halloween dinner party, a tablescape can be a fun way to get into the spooky vibe.

For those of you looking for something a little more cozy, but still in the fall spirit, why not try this out?

Get a few candle holders, some eucalyptus, miniature pumpkins, and a plaid tablecloth.

Add some black plates, plastic spiders, or faux spider webs if you want an extra creepy touch.

8. Candy vase fillers

halloween centerpieces diy

No Halloween table decorations are complete without candy, but that doesn’t mean you should follow the basic approach when incorporating them.

Create a super gorgeous vase filler filled with your favorite candy; you can even fill the bottom with candy corn to add a pop of color. 

9. Spider Jars

halloween decorations DIY

Here is another affordable and easy DIY project you can create!

All you need is a jar, some cotton balls or fake cobwebs, and some LED lights to make the plastic spiders look even more spooky.

You can use these as centerpieces at a Halloween party or place them around your home.

10. Halloween tray decor

halloween tray decor

A quick and easy way to transform your kitchen for fall is to create a festive tray.

Fill a wooden tray with autumn leaves, orange and white pumpkins, a mini glass potion, and a spooky skeleton.

This simple idea still catches your eye, making it perfect for a Halloween centerpiece.

11. Floral lantern

halloween decorations indoor

If you want a more cozy Halloween aesthetic, then you can always opt for these floral lanterns.

I LOVE this idea; it is so simple but adds so much life to the space.

Make sure you use an LED candle inside to avoid any disasters

12. Glass jars

fall decor ideas

Fill any spare glass jars with sweet treats that fit the Halloween theme.

Bring our faux skulls, spider-shaped candy, ghosts, or spooky pumpkins. I like to leave it in the kitchen, so that all guests can easily enjoy.

If you want to make it even scarier, you can always cover the table with Halloween table decorations like a hollowed-out pumpkin, fake cobwebs, and some spiders.

13. Purple, orange, and white

halloween centerpiece ideas

If you're feeling overwhelmed, stick to the basics!

I like to use purple, orange, and white to capture the spooky vibe without needing to do too much.

To recreate this look, all you need are some fresh flowers and a few orange LED lights.

14. Pumpkin treat jar

fall decor DIY

What better way to create the feeling of Halloween in your home than with a pumpkin candy jar?

Use your centerpieces to showcase some of the yummy sweet treats that everyone can enjoy.

This is a simple idea that is also adorable.

15. Tiered Tray Decor

halloween tiered tray decor

A simple tiered tray for Halloween is perfect when you don't have a lot of space.

Fill it with some modern decorations like miniature pumpkins, candles, and fall leaves to create a cozy aesthetic.

I am a sucker for tiered trays because you can quickly update them for every season.

16. A few spooky ghosts

simple halloween decor

Are you looking for a huge Halloween outdoor centerpiece?

Here it is!

You will need to grab some styrofoam balls and a white sheet to recreate these cute ghosts

Fill in the empty spaces with beautiful pumpkins and string lights.

17. Use a Halloween drink dispenser

modern halloween decor

Halloween is the perfect place to have fun drinks!

So why not have a Halloween-themed drink dispenser?

They can be surprisingly budget-friendly and add a fun and festive touch to your party decor.

This post has shown you the best Halloween centerpieces!

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