This post shows you the best above the decorating above kitchen cabinets ideas.

Are you looking to add some character to your kitchen?

The top of your kitchen cabinets often goes unnoticed, but with a bit of creativity and practicality, it can be the perfect place to transform your kitchen.

This often neglected area can serve as an interesting decorating challenge, but instead of leaving this area vacant, you can use it as extra store or a decorating space.

That's why, I am showing you some of the cutest inspo for above-the-kitchen-cabinet decorating ideas.

decorate above the kitchen cabinets

Now, let's get into these above the kitchen cabinet decorating ideas!

1. Rustic farmhouse items

above cabinet decor ideas

Transform your kitchen into a modern-farmhouse vibe by adding a few rustic items above the cabinet tops.

This decor uses antique copper pots to create a vintage feel.

Consider using handmade baskets, vintage crocks, ceramics, and faux greenery for a more traditional or country-style kitchen.

You can find these vintage items at thrift stores!

2. Art and cute pots

above the kitchen cabinets decor

The cabinet tops can be a focal point, grabbing attention as soon as one enters the room.

By placing larger decorative objects, like vintage scales or large glass jars, you can create a visual anchor that sets the tone for the rest of the decor.

The top of cabinets is also a perfect place for those items that don't quite fit anywhere else but are too beautiful to be hidden away.

Choose pieces that resonate with your taste and complement the kitchen's overall color scheme to ensure a cohesive look.

3. Ceramics, greenery, and wooden accents

how to decorate above cabinet space in kitchen

Adding a pop of color can break the sterileness of a white kitchen, introducing a dynamic edge to the space.

Think wooden accents, plants, glass bottles, or vibrant ceramics or pottery.

The top of the kitchen cabinets is also a great place to showcase seasonal holiday decor, providing an easy way to refresh your kitchen's look throughout the year.

4. Lots of greenery

best decor for above kitchen cabinets

When decorating above kitchen cabinets, mix and match items of different sizes and textures to give the space a more dynamic and organic look.

Bring fresh air into your kitchen by placing greenery and real plants on the tops of the cabinets.

You can also use a series of vintage pieces, like cake stands or unique containers, can be arranged to create a gallery wall effect.

5. A gorgeous wreath

decorate above kitchen cabinets

Sometimes, there isn't a lot of empty space for decorative items above the top of the cabinets.

Adding a wreath is a great way to bring a burst of color into the kitchen cabinetry and create some visual interest.

Wreaths are one of my favorite items, they work all year round.

6. Art elements

how to decorate over the kitchen cabinets

Decorate the awkward space above the top of your cabinets with some artwork.

This kitchen uses "EAT" in gold lettering to add some artistic flair.

However, this could include anything from cute ceramics, prints, funky glassware, or sculptures.

This is a simple way to infuse your space with personality and warmth.

7. Woven baskets with greenery

how to decorate on top of kitchen cabinets

Wicker baskets are not only practical; they bring a textural depth that can warm up any kitchen.

They're an excellent choice for the tops of cabinets, especially in a small space where every inch counts.

Storing seldom-used items in baskets like cookbooks, linens, and small items above the cabinets keeps them out of the way but still within reach when needed.

Pick baskets that match your kitchen's aesthetic – woven baskets for a rustic kitchen and elegant metallic containers for a modern look.

above the kitchen cabinet ideas

The blank space on top of kitchen cabinets is a great place for kitchen decor ideas.

Whether you prefer a modern look with accent lighting, traditional look with a ton of details or something more farmhouse-style with greenery and vintage goodies - I hope these decorating above-home design ideas provided you with extra motivation.

Play around with different styles, consider your kitchen's overall aesthetic, and add a personal touch to transform your space by decorating the tops of kitchen cabinets.

This post shows you the best decorating above kitchen cabinets ideas.

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