This post shows you the best kitchen flooring ideas with honey oak cabinets!

Do you want a new modern look but still have those 90s-style oak cabinets in your home?

Oak cabinets bring a timeless, classic look to your kitchen, but that doesn't mean your space can't be modern and trendy.

The right flooring can bridge the gap between classic and contemporary, giving your oak cabinets a fresh, updated look.

kitchen flooring ideas with oak cabinets

Now, let's get into these kitchen flooring ideas with honey oak cabinets!

1. Dark blue flooring

kitchen flooring ideas

Dark blue is a great color to pair with honey oak cabinets.

Blue and orange complement each other beautifully at opposite ends of the color wheel.

Dark blue is also a calming color and can help to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in your kitchen.

2. White walls and floor

kitchen flooring

White walls and floors make a kitchen with oak cabinets feel more modern and spacious.

Consider a white terrazzo floor with flecks of glass or marble to add depth and interest to your kitchen.

Look how this white kitchen also has open shelving; it instantly makes the space feel more modern.

3. Ceramic tile

kitchen flooring ideas vinyl

Ceramic tile is a classic flooring option that pairs beautifully with oak cabinetry.

Durable and easy to clean, ceramic tiles offer a variety of color schemes and designs.

Opt for large, light-colored tiles with minimal grout lines for a contemporary feel that makes your space appear larger and more open.

4. Laminate flooring

kitchen flooring ideas tile

Laminate flooring presents a modern, cost-effective solution that doesn’t sacrifice style.

Laminate flooring can mimic the look of more expensive materials at a fraction of the cost, offering a practical solution for modernizing your kitchen.

Choose a style with clean lines and a matte finish to give your space a contemporary edge.

5. Light grey flooring

kitchen flooring laminate ideas

Introducing grey flooring into a kitchen with oak cabinets can provide a modern contrast.

The light and dark interplay brings a contemporary energy to the space, especially when paired with a neutral or monochromatic floor.

6. Wood floors

small kitchen flooring ideas

Wood floors remain a popular choice for their warmth and natural beauty.

To give them a modern edge, select a finish that is either very dark or very light, avoiding the traditional golden or cherry tones commonly seen with oak.

7. Tile flooring

honey oak kitchen cabinets flooring

Tile flooring can be a good choice to modernize your kitchen space.

Opt for a white tile if you want your space to feel brighter and larger.

Or, go for dark colors to create contrast and a fresh new look against the golden oak cabinets.

8. Industrial

kitchen cabinets and flooring

Honey oak cabinets give warmth and offer a welcoming vibe to your kitchen design.

Consider a dark, polished concrete floor to contrast with the light wood and add a touch of industrial chic to your kitchen design.

9. Hardwood flooring

vinyl plank flooring with oak cabinets

While hardwood is a traditional choice, opting for a hardwood with a gray or whitewash can give your kitchen a modern twist.

Wide-plank floors are trendy, making the space feel larger and more current.

With their timeless appeal and enduring quality, hardwood floors are a great choice for those looking to invest in their home's value and aesthetic.

10. Natural stone

pictures of honey oak cabinets with grey floors

Natural stone flooring, with its unique textures and rich color variations, adds an element of luxury and sophistication to any kitchen.

These materials provide a natural texture that complements the wood grain of oak cabinets while offering a sleek, updated look.

11. Porcelain tiles

what flooring goes with oak cabinets

Porcelain tile is a great option as it is a chic and contemporary choice that works well with oak cabinets.

Choose a porcelain tile with a modern design element, such as a subtle metallic finish or an unconventional shape, to update your kitchen flooring.

12. Dark green flooring

best flooring for kitchen

Green flooring can be an excellent choice to make a statement in your kitchen.

There are so many shades of green, so you can easily find the perfect shade to compliment your oak cabinets.

You can go for a forest or a sage green if you want a brighter look. If you want something a little more muted, consider an olive color.

13. Vinyl plank

kitchen flooring ideas photos

Consider a luxury vinyl plank in a cool tone or a bold geometric pattern to bring your kitchen into the 21st century.

Vinyl flooring is a great way to achieve a modern design affordably, as it offers the look of more expensive materials and has great durability.

14. Charcoal tile

kitchen flooring ideas vinyl

How good does the charcoal tile flooring look?

It’s the perfect shade to complement your oak kitchen cabinets and create your dream modern kitchen.

15. Create a cohesive color palette

kitchen floor ideas on a budget

A harmonious color scheme is essential in a kitchen with oak cabinets.

Select a flooring color that complements the natural wood to achieve a balanced look.

For a modern color scheme, consider monochromatic or neutral colors that offer a subtle contrast to the natural hue of oak.

Blacks, whites, and grays can create a minimalist aesthetic that highlights the beauty of your oak cabinetry.

kitchen floor ideas pictures

This post shows you the best kitchen flooring ideas with honey oak cabinets!

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