This post shows you the best inspo for a bohemian chic living room makeover.

The concept of a bohemian chic living room makeover is about crafting a space that reflects a carefree, adventurous spirit that is as unique as it is inviting.

In the living rooms below, you’ll find lots of greenery, patterns, textures, colors, wall decor ideas, and much more inspo.

Bohemian interior design combines bold colors, patterns, and clean lines – a gorgeous combo that I’m a big fan of.

Now, let's dive into the world of boho style and explore how you can bring this vibrant look into your home!

1. Finding an Easy Way to Update

green and purple flower in blue ceramic vase on brown wooden table
Photo by Spacejoy / Unsplash

For an easy update to your boho living room, consider adding a new collection of throw pillows or updating your gallery wall.

Small changes can have a big impact and are an easy way to refresh your space without a complete overhaul.

The bright pink and blue throw cushions against the green couch elevates the boho aesthetic and really pulls the furniture together.

2. Incorporating Natural Elements

green cactus plant in room
Photo by Alyssa Strohmann / Unsplash

This bohemian living room interior mixes natural materials like rattan and bamboo with neutral colors. Neutrals are a great base as they go with all colors!

The green cactus really ties the living room furniture and style together, house plants bring that organic feel into your space.

3. Choosing Bright Colors

blue sofa with throw pillows and orange furniture
Photo by Lydia Mailloux / Unsplash

A bohemian chic living room is a celebration of color. Think bold colors, vibrant accents, and a colorful palette that brings a dynamic and inviting warmth to your living space.

I love how this room incorporates neutrals, oranges, electric blue and green shades. It sounds like it shouldn't work but it really makes the place come alive.

4. Selecting Rattan Furniture

green plant on brown rattan armchair
Photo by Stephanie Harvey / Unsplash

Rattan furniture is a staple of boho decor, offering both an earthy touch and a light, airy feel.

Pieces like this rattan armchair or a rattan coffee table can become focal points that enhance the bohemian vibe.

5. Curating Boho Decor

potted plant on top of coffee table
Photo by Kaylee Garrett / Unsplash

Boho decor is all about the mix—not just of different styles, but also of different eras.

Don't underestimate the power of small decorative items like candles, bowls, plants and ceramics.

Flea markets and thrift stores are treasure troves for finding those perfect accent pieces that add character and a story to your room.

6. Incorporating Colorful Patterns

green plant on red and white area rug
Photo by Alex Shu / Unsplash

Colorful patterns bring life and energy to a boho-style room. Whether it's through wallpaper, textiles, or art, patterns are a fun way to inject personality into your space.

This living room incorporates a patterned area rug against an otherwise neutral colored space. This makes the pattern add some brightness and not feel overwhelming.

assorted-color framed paintings on the wall
Photo by Jonny Caspari / Unsplash

A gallery wall can serve as a great place to display your favorite things.

From artwork to photos, to textile art like macrame wall hangings, this eclectic mix of colors and textures adds visual interest to your boho space.

For this gallery wall I love how they used different frames and shapes, this mix and match style makes it all blend together!

8. Mixing Different Patterns

green potted plant on brown wooden table with brown and white furniture
Photo by Andrea Davis / Unsplash

Fearlessly combine different patterns in your throw pillows, area rugs, and upholstery.

This bohemian interior design is not shy about pattern play, they're using tasseled throws and patterned rugs to create visual appeal.

9. Filling the Room with Indoor Plants

green leafed plant
Photo by Prudence Earl / Unsplash

Indoor plants not only purify the air but also add a pop of color and a lively energy to your boho living room decor.

They're a great way to create a connection to nature right in your living space.

I love the different pots in this photo!

10. Creating a Bohemian Look with Area Rugs

a living room filled with furniture and a large window and different materials
Photo by Minh Pham / Unsplash

Area rugs are more than just floor coverings in a boho-style living room.

They're a foundation for layering, adding lots of textures, and establishing a warm color scheme.

This living room mixes different patterns and grey and neutral tones with pops of green. I love the mixing of the materials in this room.

11. Achieving the Boho Vibe with Throw Pillows

brown wooden framed white tassled cushion armchair
Photo by Stephanie Harvey / Unsplash

Throw pillows are the easiest way to add a bohemian vibe into your room. Opt for different sizes, bold colors, and eclectic patterns to achieve that signature boho eclectic look.

In this case the little tassels on the pillows add so much character to an otherwise simple couch. This is a very affordable and quick way to add some Boho style into your lounge.

12. Designing Your Living Space with Boho Interiors

photo of gel candle on board beside pillow
Photo by Alisa Anton / Unsplash

Boho interiors are not just about the items you choose but also about how you arrange them.

It's about creating a space that feels lived-in and cozy—a great place for both relaxation and social gatherings.

This Bohemian interior created a reading nook in the window, by just adding a fuzzy mat, a throw pillow and some candles!

13. Incorporating Wall Art

white and brown wooden end table near wall inside room with blue and white art wall art
Photo by Vladimir Mokry / Unsplash

Wall art in a bohemian chic living room should reflect your personal style and interests.

Whether it's a large-scale painting or an entire wall of smaller pieces, let your wall art be an expression of your free-spirited style.

The great thing about wall art is that you can easily swap them out!

14. Choosing a Color Palette

green plant on white ceramic pot
Photo by Spacejoy / Unsplash

Your color palette can range from earthy tones to pastel hues. The key is to select colors that make you feel good and that create a cohesive look when mixed with your boho decor.

This is one of my favourite Bohemian living rooms, I love the way it included a beautiful pop of orange amongst the gold and neutral colors. I think it works seamlessly.

15. Establishing a Focal Point

brown wooden table with chairs
Photo by Spacejoy / Unsplash

Every room needs a focal point, and in a bohemian chic living room, this could be an accent wall adorned with unique artwork or a mid-century coffee table that steals the show.

I love this sage green accent wall mixed with the rattan hall table! The large circular mirror also makes the room feel more spacious.

16. Embracing an Eclectic Look

a living room filled with furniture and a fire place
Photo by Spacejoy / Unsplash

An eclectic look is at the heart of bohemian design ideas. It's about embracing the unexpected and finding harmony in a variety of textures, forms, and styles.

Warm shades like burnt orange, brown and mustard look so good together.

Look how incredible the uniquely patterned throw.

17. Choosing a Vintage Rug

green sofa beside white table
Photo by Andrea Davis / Unsplash

Look at the unique pattern and an organic feel to this rug, it really enhances the overall bohemian aesthetic.

This living room also does well including an assortment of different chairs and creates a focal point with the big bold green sofa.

18. Exploring Modern Boho Living Room Ideas

white living room with natural material accents

Modern boho living room designs combine the eclectic charm of boho with contemporary elements.

This playful modern living room includes clean lines, plants, a textured area rug and pops of colors. The curved mirror also looks incredible.

19. Leveraging White Walls

white couches with natural material rugs and ottomans

White walls can serve as a canvas for your bohemian decor. They allow the colors, patterns, and textures of your furnishings and decor to stand out, making for a chic and cohesive boho space.

Keeping your key furniture neutral and timeless is great as it not only makes the funky bohemian wall art stand out, but it gives you more flexibility. You can update your wall art easily whenever you feel like it!

20. Use different types of lighting

living room with brown wooden table and chairs
Photo by Spacejoy / Unsplash

Lighting is crucial in setting the mood of your boho living room. Combine different types of lighting, from string lights to floor lamps, to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

This chic boho living room uses a mix of lampshades ranging from rattan materials to cotton. This mix of neutral and patterned creates a really nice and subtle Boho effect.

21. Utilizing Bohemian Decor in Different Sizes

a living room with a large flat screen tv
Photo by Spacejoy / Unsplash

Bohemian decor works best when it's in different sizes and scales. In this scenario, combining a big white chair with a small ottoman creates a harmonious yet diverse space.

Including greenery also makes the space feel warm and cozy.

22. Including Ceramics as an Easy Way to Update

white ceramic figurine on brown wooden table
Photo by Fig & Rosewood / Unsplash

For an easy update to your boho living room, consider adding ceramics! I love the unique shape of this vase, and its holding pampas grass which is very Boho.

Small changes can have a big impact and are an easy way to refresh your space without a complete overhaul.

This post showed you the 22 best modern bohemian living rooms.

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