This post shows you the best coffee table tray decor ideas!

Coffee table tray decor can pull your whole living space together if done right.

Creating your dream home takes time, effort, and planning.

You only need a tray, ceramics, candles, vases, stacks of books, or any other decorative accents you love to create a stylish coffee table display.

I love to change my coffee table tray decor according to the seasons, but I make sure to have a few timeless pieces that are evergreen.

Whether you are a maximalist, minimalist or want a farmhouse or boho vibe - I'm confident you'll find at least one idea that catches your eye.

coffee table decorating ideas for living room

Now, let's get into these coffee table tray decor ideas!

1. Go for a farmhouse theme

coffee table decor

How cute is this circular woven tray?

Round trays are perfect for creating that rustic farmhouse vibe.

There are so many different ways to style it, like using woven baskets, wood bead garlands, taper candles, pampas grass, and adorable signs.

2. Modern coffee table decor

coffee table centerpiece ideas

Create a modern coffee table decor look by blending simplicity and functionality.

Opt for neutral or earthy tones, and combine them with some textures to add depth and interest to your tray.

Avoid cluttering the tray with too many items.

Stick to a few key pieces that make a statement and enhance the overall modern aesthetic of your coffee table.

3. Tiered coffee table tray

coffee table decor with neutral tones

Tiered trays are adaptable and can be updated to suit any season or theme

Here’s a nice and cozy Christmas-themed tiered tray to add to your coffee table.

This Christmas tray uses pine cones, fairy lines, baubles, holly, and cute decor accents to give it your personal style.

4. Add fresh flowers

spring coffee table decor

Adding fresh flowers can refresh your space.

A simple glass vase works well for a modern look, while a rustic or vintage vase can add character to a traditional or farmhouse-style decor.

It also gives you a chance to quickly update your decor for every season, in Spring consider adding flowers like tulips.

Experiment with different flowers, vases, and arrangements to find the perfect look for your coffee table.

5. Keep it simple

simple coffee table decor

Sometimes, less is more; try not to overcomplicate it.

Stick to the basics; all you need is a few simple things like a vase, a candle, and some greenery.

Arrange your items on the tray in a balanced and symmetrical way to create a sense of harmony.

Place taller items in the center and shorter items towards the edges for a balanced look.

6. Coastal coffee table styling

coffee table decor with bright colors

Lean into the natural elements and bring a sense of the beach and seaside into your home.

This coastal tray includes seashells, blue ceramics, starfish, scented candles, and a few other small home decor pieces.

Opt for colors inspired by the coast, such as shades of blue, white, beige, and sandy hues.

7. Add coffee table books

white coffee table decor

A stack of books or a notebook is an easy way to add some visual interest to your coffee table.

Choose books that reflect your interests, such as art, photography, travel, or fashion.

Alternatively, use books to create a theme for your tray decor.

For example, you could create a coastal theme with books on beach destinations or a botanical theme with books on plants and flowers.

8. Use seasonal accents

coffee table decor with wood

A decorative tray is a great place to add a few seasonal items.

This is one of my favorite seasonal trays I made.

To recreate this look, all you need is a wooden rectangular trays, a few cute pumpkins and a couple of candles.

Notice how I used various heights of items to add visual interest and depth?

9. Add gold accents

coffee table decor with gold accents

I love the look of subtle gold and marble accents in the living room.

A gold and marble rectangular tray can add a touch of elegance to your living room decor.

This tray includes some candles, a touch of greenery to soften the look, and a few small items.

10. Cozy additions with simple decor

coffee table decor with black tones

Want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your family room?

Add a string of fairy lights on your tray or a few candles in soothing scents, such as vanilla or lavender, to create a cozy ambiance.

Include a couple of mugs on your tray and a selection of teas or hot chocolates to create a cozy beverage station.

11. Pinkish tones

glass coffee table decor

Pastel pink tones mixed with white are perfect for Valentine's Day and can create a soft, elegant, and feminine look.

Keep it simple and affordable with a few romantic quotes and some of your favorite decorative items.

Consider using roses, peonies, or tulips for a romantic touch.

12. Double tier centerpiece

colorful coffee table decor

Double tiers give a rustic touch to any room, making it perfect for those wanting to create a farmhouse or rustic vibe.

The double-tier approach is also perfect for small apartments.

It allows you to include more pieces without taking up too much space.

13. Add greenery

coffee table decor with candlestick

Adding greenery to your coffee table tray can create a freshness in your living space.

A few of my favorite ways to incorporate greenery into my coffee table tray decor are: 

  1. Succulents: These low-maintenance plants add a pop of green and are easy to keep alive.
  2. Miniature Trees: No one can be upset at a small tree; they are adorable and a great focal point. 
  3. Terrarium: Create a mini terrarium on your tray! This can be a beautiful and eye-catching centerpiece for your coffee table.

14. Valentines day tray

ottoman coffee table

Love is in the air, so what better way to add a touch of romance than with a Valentine's Day tray?

This adorable little centerpiece is filled with love and fresh pink flowers to celebrate this special day.

Add some small pieces like heart-shaped decor items and candles to bring this idea to life.

15. Notebooks, eucalyptus, twine, and candles

coffee table styling

Here is a simple idea that is easy to throw together.

Grab a wood tray, notebook, eucalyptus, a few candles, and twine.

It's so quick to create or update, and you can easily move around.

Consider adding other rustic elements, such as small wooden accents or pinecones, to enhance the tray's rustic vibe.

16. Mini easter touches

elegant coffee table design

I love how this Easter idea brings something different to the table.

The cute tray is the perfect place to create some festive spirit. It creates a nest with eggs, a subtle way to hint at Easter without using lots of pastel colors.

The moss adds a pop of color without being overpowering.

Adding an Easter-themed tray is a great way to make your home feel more inviting.

17. Wood and candles

simple coffee table decor tray

Neutral accessories like a large wooden tray can look fantastic on coffee tables.

simple idea to create a tray that isn’t too cluttered is to just use candles, flowers, and a few of your favorite things to fill up the space. 

Using different heights to create a cohesive look is a good idea.

Tips for creating the perfect coffee table tray?

Creating a beautifully styled coffee table requires a careful approach to maximize both style and function.

I like to update my trays seasonally or with new themes and different styles to find out what I like the most.

A good general rule is to utilize the 3-5-7 rule. Making sure your tray decor uses odd numbers is the best way to make it look put together.

The most important thing is to remember to have fun and trust that with a few decorative objects and a little creativity, your living room vision will come to life.

I hope my favorite coffee table decor ideas inspired you!

tray decor for everyday

This post shows you the best coffee table tray decor ideas!

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