This post shows you the best tray decor ideas!

Are you searching for a simple way to elevate your home decor?

Trays are the perfect finishing touch because they create a focal point that draws the eye, providing an organized, cohesive look to the space.

A great starting point is to use a tray, woven placemat, or wooden chopping board for a base.

Depending on your tray size and shape, you should pick 3-7 pieces to place on your chosen base.

A well-styled tray can add charm and organization to any space, from your living room to your kitchen counter.

They provide a perfect way to showcase your style, organize your essentials, or just add a finishing touch to your living space.

tray decorating

Now, let's get into these tray decor ideas.

1. Farmhouse tiered tray with simple decor

tiered tray farmhouse

Here's a cozy and rustic tray that brings warmth into your home.

This cute decorative wooden tray uses dried flowers, ceramics, and candles to create that rustic yet modern look.

The key to making the tray look put together is to make sure everything is in odd numbers.

2. Subtle spring aesthetic

living room tray decor

In spring, fill your tray with blooming flowers, seasonal items, and vibrant colors.

I love to use soft pinks and blues to keep a minimalistic yet sophisticated look.

I think tulips look sensational against a wooden or woven tray because the colors stand out against the earthy tones. 

3. Wicker baskets and lavender

bathroom woven tray decor

I am obsessed with the woven rectangular tray in my bathroom.

I used a woven tray to create that farmhouse look, with some towels, lotions, soap, exfoliating brush, lavender, and some smaller items.

Including natural elements in your bathroom makes the space look fresh and luxurious.

You can easily recreate this with similar items.

4. Woven round trays on your coffee table

simple coffee table decor with tray

A coffee table is a great place to have a decorative tray.

This woven tray is so simple, but not boring due to all of the different textures.

With different accessories, it’s super simple to swap out pieces and change the look of a classic woven tray

5. Fall decor, pumpkins, dried flowers, and candles

farmhouse rustic tray kitchen

I love decorating with trays, and I have a collection of them that I update seasonally. 

When I decorated my tray for the fall season, I chose to do it with a subtle pop of color.

I went for a small wood tray with a white pumpkin for the focal point, a smaller orange pumpkin, and a few candles to make it cozy.

I use a basic formula for my seasonal trays, a few items, varying heights, and complementary colors.

Include some orange leaves to show the change of the season.

6. Keep it simple

Ottoman Tray

This look is perfect when you're unsure where to start.

All you need is a wooden tray, a few candles, and some fresh flowers to achieve this look.

Notice how this tray uses varying heights to create some dimension and interest?

Make sure you don’t fill up the tray and make it feel overwhelming.

7. Kitchen nook tray idea

kitchen counter tray ideas

This little kitchen nook idea is perfect way to add both functionality and style to your kitchen.

The mix of wooden utensils, ceramic jars, and a small, decorative teapot adds a rustic, homely touch.

To add a bit of greenery, place a small vase with fresh or faux eucalyptus branches.

8. A modern easter centerpiece

tiered tray for easter

Here is the themed tiered tray I decorated for Easter.

With different decor pieces, it’s super easy to update the look of your tiered tray.

I wanted to do something different this year and try to create an easter theme without having pastel colors overwhelming my space.

You can get cute little easter decor pieces like fake moss and eggs for an affordable price at places like Hobby Lobby.

9. Notebooks, eucalyptus, twine, and candles

woven tray for couch

Here is one of my favorite decor trays.

Grab any kind of tray, a stack of books or notebooks, candles, and greenery.

Add some twine around your candles or notebook to bring a cute cozy vibe.

10. A coffee station

cute tray for coffee table

This simple idea is perfect for that coffee spot that needs a little makeover.

Sometimes, it's important to switch up the basics.

I love this coffee station uses pine cones and cinnamon sticks to elevate the decorative display.

This coffee station looks so cozy.

11. Coasters, ceramics, and flowers

using books as trays

Here’s a cute and simple coffee table tray to add to your living room.

The cute little coasters and ceramics are items that are used daily making this tray the perfect combination of style and practicality.

Including different decorative items of various shapes, textures, and sizes like bowls, vases, and abstract decorations keep it interesting.

12. A coastal-themed tray

cute spring tiered tray

In the summer months, it can be nice to bring a bit of the ocean inside.

This coastal-looking tray includes seashells, dried starfish, blue ceramics, candles, and a few small decor pieces to personalize it.

I love how the tray is a simple wooden tray with rope around the edges, it really creates that seaside vibe.

13. Christmas trees and houses

christmas tray decor

Creating a Christmas tray is a delightful way to create festive cheer in your home.

This adorable tiered tray contains mini Christmas trees, small houses, baubles, candles, and fairy lights.

The fake snow and star-shaped string lights elevate this festive tray to the next level.

Looking at this makes me want to curl up on the couch with a hot cocoa and a throw blanket.

You can pick up most of these items at any craft store.

14. Wooden tray, coffee books, and candles

Coffee table trays are so popular in home decor currently, and for good reason.

This coffee table look incorporates gold accents, greenery, small items, and an assortment of candles.

It’s an easy decor idea that you can move around and switch up whenever you want.

15. Perfect kitchen decor

tray decor seasonal

Adding a serving tray to your kitchen counters or dining room table can be a great addition.

All you need is pepper shakers, olive oil, a few decorative items, and any other cooking essentials.

This also keeps things within easy reach.

16. Fall themes and orange tones

tiered tray kitchen island decor

Creating a fall tray is a wonderful way to bring the cozy, warm feeling of fall into your home decor.

Start with a tiered tray and fill it with a mix of fall elements such as mini pumpkins, gourds, and pinecones.

Add cozy lighting with fairy lights or small candles to enhance the ambiance.

17. Simple bathroom trays for the basics

bathroom tray decor

How adorable are these little wicker baskets?

The woven basket adds a touch of rustic charm, while the ceramic soap dispenser and toothbrush holder bring a fresh, modern vibe.

This organized display not only keeps your essentials within easy reach but also elevates the aesthetic of your bathroom.

Add some greenery for a pop of color.

tray decor for everyday

This post shows you the best simple tray decor ideas!

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