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This post shows you the best bathroom tray decor ideas!

Bathroom tray decor can be a bit of a challenge, but it can pull your bathroom together if done right.

Bathroom trays are great for storage and also look cute. Not to mention, they are ideal if you have limited space.

Organizers like decorative trays keep bathroom necessities in one place.

Use it for aesthetic cleaning products, toilet paper, and other bathroom necessities.

bathroom tray decor

Now, let's get into these bathroom decor tray ideas!

1. Add greenery

eucalyptus bathroom decor

Adding greenery is a game changer for your bathroom.

It's the perfect way to freshen up your bathroom counter.

Consider adding real eucalyptus to breathe fresh air back into your space.

Not only does it look good, but it also smells amazing when you're showering.

If you want something with less hassle, fake eucalyptus looks the part and lasts forever.

Faux eucalyptus

2. Go for a farmhouse theme

farmhouse bathroom ideas

I feel like farmhouse tray decor is so much fun.

There are just so many different ways to style it, such as with woven baskets, candles, pampas grass, and apothecary-style soap dispensers.

This circular woven tray is perfect for that rustic farmhouse vibe. Pair it with a ceramic vase to complete the look.

Woven tray

Pampas grass

3. Simple marble tray for your bathroom essentials

bathroom tray styling

White marble is timeless and will pair well with any bathroom.

A chic marble tray especially pairs well with a modern, minimalist bathroom.

Decorate the tray with cute bathroom accents like a soap dish, a toothbrush holder, and candles.

Marble tray

4. Large vase with lavender

woven tray decor

Lavender is one of my favorites when it comes to bathroom decorating.

Not only do they look gorgeous, but they also make your space feel calm.

It brings a subtle pop of color to your space, adding visual interest.

I love the fresh flowers paired with a woven basket and white hand towels.

5. Green, beige, and white

green bathroom ideas

Green, beige, and white are one of my favorite color palettes for a bathroom.

A dark green tray, soap dispenser and potplant are an easy way to bring a pop of color to the bathroom.

Greenery against neutral colors creates a beautiful balance.

6. Round wooden bathroom riser

bathroom tray ideas

Create a modern bathroom tray look by keeping things minimal.

This simple yet chic wooden riser is perfect for your bathroom essentials!

The wooden accents are also a simple way to bring some color to the bathroom.

Decorate the riser with hand soap, candles, and a few cute succulents.

Wooden riser

7. Incorporate gold accents

bathroom tray decor wood

Want to style your bathroom tray in an elegant and stylish way?

Pair white cotton hand towels with a few gold accents - even just a touch can make your bathroom look better.

I love the look of gold hardware in a bathroom; it's so subtle but luxurious.

To recreate this look, all you need is a black and gold tray, a few white ceramic holders and a small hand towel.

Black and gold organizer

8. Use seasonal accents

bathroom tray diy

The bathroom counter is one of my favorite places to add some seasonal items.

These can just be small items; they don't have to be anything big or expensive.

I love adding some orange tones with a tray or pampas grass in the fall.

For spring, I love to add some tulips and pops of color.

You can easily update your decor every season.

9. Include dark accents

dark bathroom ideas

Depending on your personal style, a good way to switch things up is to go for a dark color scheme.

Look how good this black tray looks with the gold accents.

Gold hardware works perfectly with a dark-colored tray.

10. Two-tiered tray for small bathroom items

tray decor ideas

A two-tiered tray is one of my favorite examples of thinking outside of the box!

The 2-tier tray is perfect to hold all your bathroom necessities.

You can even use a cake stand for a similar look.

It's especially fantastic for small bathrooms, as it gives you more vertical storage space.

Remember, you can even turn items like cotton balls and Q-tips into cute decor by placing them in a mason jar.

Two-tiered tray

11. Faux tulips in a vase

spring tray decor

Faux tulips are perfect for decorating your bathroom.

Place them in a tall vase with a few smaller items to create varying heights.

Remember, you can even make items like cotton balls and q-tips into cute decor when you place them in a mason jar.

Faux tulips

12. Simple add-ons

bath tray decor

No one can say no to adding a mini pothos to the bathroom.

They are such a fun and chic addition to every room.

Place all your essentials onto a wooden tray and keep it on the bathroom counter for easy access.

Try not to overthink it; it's your bathroom remember?

Faux snake plant

13. Play with scale

bathroom tray decor ideas

The best way to make your bathroom tray decor look balanced is to play around with scale.

How do you do this? Make sure you have decorative pieces that vary in size.

For example, a tall vase of flowers, a soap dispenser, and a few smaller items like candles, hand towels, or succulents.

14. Minimalist bathroom decor

minimalist bathroom decor

Create a modern bathroom decor look by keeping your tray minimal.

Opt for only a few bathroom essentials, like an aesthetic lotion dispenser and a hand towel.

Soap dispenser

15. Go for a boho theme

boho bathroom tray decor

To recreate this boho-themed bathroom tray decor, all you need is a few decorative pieces made out of natural materials.

Get a woven tray, a few wooden accents, and some pampas grass.

Remember to stick to neutral, earthy tones.

Amber soap dispensers

16. Rustic tray to organize small bathroom items

modern bathroom decor

Get a distressed wooden tray to create a rustic vibe.

Dark wood can create a calming and relaxing feeling.

Pair it with some cute ceramics, matching soap dispensers, and some fresh flowers.

This creates a good balance and helps bring warmth back into the room.

17. Add ceramics

bathroom organization

Sometimes, a bathroom can feel a little sterile.

So decorate your bathroom tray with some art and cute little ceramics.

Use some patterned ceramics or textures to bring life back into the space.

I love the look of this blue and white tray decor.

Ceramic tray

18. Keep it simple

simple bathroom decor

If you're feeling a bit overwhelmed, just stick to the basics.

Sometimes, less is more; there is no need to overcomplicate it.

All you need to include on your bathroom counter tray is some greenery, candles, and your other bathroom essentials.

Round marble tray

19. Use a wooden tray above the toilet

bathroom organization countertop

I really like this small bathroom organisation idea!!

It's clever to place your tray above the toilet.

This keep the bathroom counter clean and free from clutter.

Add soap, greenery, hand towels, toilet paper, or even a cute wooden sign.

20. Use wire baskets

wire basket bathroom storage

Wire baskets can be pretty and functional.

They are great for the farmhouse aesthetic and can store all of your essentials.

I use mine to store soap, toilet paper, and hand towels.

Wire baskets

21. Inexpensive bathroom tray decor ideas

easy bathroom organization

Consider getting a countertop tray for aesthetic skin care products, makeup brushes, and other daily bathroom essentials.

Not everyone has enough counter space if you have a small bathroom, but it's a great option if you do.

There are so many different trays out there, so experiment with them to find the perfect shape for your bathroom.

3 tiered tray

22. Coastal bathroom tray decor

coastal bathroom tray decor

Bring a bit of the ocean inside.

This coastal tray includes seashells, starfish, blue ceramics, scented candles, and a few small decor pieces to personalize it.


tray decor for everyday

Tips for bathroom tray decor?

When you have a small bathroom and limited space to work with, creating a well-styled bathroom tray requires careful thinking to maximize both style and function.

Remember to keep it simple and not overthink it.

Test out a few different styles, see which you like most, or change the decor items seasonally.

Remember to have fun, and trust that with a little creativity, your bathroom will become your vision.

This post shows you the best bathroom tray decor ideas!

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