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This post shows you the best modern farmhouse bathroom ideas!

If you’re looking for some inspo on decorating your bathroom, this post is perfect for you.

Designing a stunning farmhouse bathroom can be a challenge, as you need to blend rustic charm and simplicity.

That's why I have created a list of ideas for you to try or get inspiration from!

Feel free to bring your twist on it or use them as is.

What do I even add??

  • Neutral Colors: From warm beiges to soft grays, these hues are the foundation of the modern farmhouse bathroom. These shades create a fresh backdrop for the modern farmhouse look.
  • Rustic Elements: Choose items with a distressed or worn look to create that rustic charm. Think of wood flooring, wicker baskets, and antique mirrors.
  • Modern Elements: Include black hardware and clean lines to create a modern farmhouse vibe.
  • Farmhouse Sinks: A classic farmhouse sink can create visual interest in your bathroom. Choose a white quartz countertop or marble or stone sink for an authentic modern farmhouse look.
  • Barn Door: Incorporating a sliding barn door into a farmhouse bathroom can create more space and add visual interest to take your bathroom design to the next level.
  • Vintage Accents: Antique mirrors with distressed frames add a touch of rustic elegance and simplicity to a modern farmhouse design. I love the look of a large framed mirror with a metal or wooden frame; it is such a statement piece.
  • Clawfoot Tub: A clawfoot tub can be the focal point of your bathroom. It's a simple and classic way to give your modern farmhouse bathroom a touch of elegance and history. Alternatively, opt for freestanding bathtubs - they are comfortable and cozy for a relaxing bath.
  • Fresh Flowers and Plants: Move the outdoors inside with fresh flowers and potted plants. The greenery will add energy and color to your farmhouse decor.

Now, let's get into these modern farmhouse bathroom ideas!

1. Neutral Color Palette

A white bathroom with plants, wooden beams and rattan furniture

Finding a color scheme you love can feel challenging, but stick to the basics.

A good rule of thumb is to use a neutral color palette; think warm beiges to soft grays. Don't go wild with lots of colors because that might feel overwhelming.

To add pizzaz, this bathroom uses textured rugs, baskets, and some greenery.

Woven tray
Faux mini potted plant

2. Copper and Gold Accents

A marble sink with flowers and copper taps

When using neutral colors, a great way to add some life to your space is with gold or copper accents.

Changing your taps, adding a gold mirror, and playing with gold decorative accents are great ways to add warmth and luxury to a modern farmhouse bathroom.

3. Modern Elements

A white bathroom with black hardware

Including black hardware and clean lines in your bathroom can create a modern feel.

Add warmth with stone trays and vases and some cute plants for a fresh look.

Wood soap holder

4. Rustic Elements

A white tiled walled bathroom with tiled floors, a vintage mirror and vanity sink

Including rustic elements is a great way to create a farmhouse-style bathroom.

Choose items with a worn look to create that rustic feel. Think of wicker baskets, antique lighting fixtures, and wood accents.

5. Farmhouse Sinks

A farmhouse bathroom sink with eucalyptus, a woven rug and wooden furniture

I LOVE the look of this beautiful wooden sink; it serves as a focal point and looks so elegant and chic.

6. White Subway Tile

white subway tiles around bathroom with wooden sink and rug

White subway tiles are a popular choice for many beautiful modern farmhouse bathrooms.

They are often the ideal choice due to their versatilityaffordability, and timeless appeal.

These tiles can serve as a simple backdrop or create visual interest with dark grout to contrast their crisp, clean lines.

7. Light Fixtures 

white light fixtures with copper accents

Great lighting is essential in any bathroom, and in a modern farmhouse design, light fixtures are more than just functional—they're an opportunity to add style and character. 

Lighting with brass fixtures or metal accents can be a great way to bring rustic charm or a modern edge to your bathroom.

8. Barn Door

A brown sliding wood door.

A sliding barn door is a fun and easy way to incorporate modern farmhouse bathroom decor into your space.

Opt for a wooden door to create a modern look.

9. Clawfoot Tub

A white clawfoot tub with tiled ground and shiplap walls

Including vintage furniture like a clawfoot or freestanding tub in your modern bathroom can create the perfect balance of old and new.

10. Wood Accents

A wooden bathroom with wood beams and a marble bath

Natural materials like wooden accents is one of the most popular ways to create that modern farmhouse style.

These wood floors and wooden beams create a warm and inviting atmosphere that is often missing in modern bathroom design, grounding the space and giving it a solid, earthy foundation.

11. Vintage Accents

Vintage lights and vintage accents in a bathroom

Vintage accents like a wooden stool or a set of aged brass fixtures can be the finishing touches for farmhouse decor.

Less is more in the scenario, as too many can overwhelm the modern aspect of your design.

Bath stool

12. Fresh Flowers & Plants

Fresh white flowers

Decorating with flowers and plants is an easy way to add energy to your master bathroom and make it feel fresh and vibrant.

If you don't consider yourself a green thumb, you can opt for fake plants to avoid the responsibility of being a plant mum.

Faux baby's breath

Faux eucalyptus

13. Woven Baskets

A white farmhouse bathroom with a woven basket, towels and plants

Natural elements like woven baskets in white bathrooms are a subtle way to add warm and bright colors.

The best part? Use them to hold towels, laundry, and other pieces, adding both storage and style to your bathroom.

Woven basket

14. Vanity Sink

A vanity sink with copper accents and light fixtures.

One of my favorite bathroom trends at the moment is a vanity sink!!

Opt for a floating vanity with clean, minimalist fixtures and sleek hardware. This lends a contemporary edge that prevents the space from feeling too dated.

15. Rustic Lighting

A white bathroom with a bath tub, wooden stool and rustic lighting.

Rustic lighting instantly creates a warm and cozy feel inside the bathroom. Combined with sleek fixtures and tile, it creates an exciting contrast that adds visual interest to the space.

16. Shiplap Walls

White shiplap walls with a ottoman, wooden stool and tub

Shiplap walls are a fantastic way to add a sense of warmth and character to your bathroom.

Opt to paint it in a neutral color like white, gray, or beige to make it match the modern farmhouse aesthetic.

17. Wood Beams

Wooden beams with a white bathtub and wooden sink

Exposed beams are very popular as they make your bathroom feel like a more welcoming space.

You can install them horizontally or vertically, paint them, or leave them natural.

This post showed you 17 cozy modern farmhouse bathroom ideas!

Aesthetic modern farmhouse bathroom

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