This post shows you the best dorm wall decor ideas!

I know that decorating can be challenging when moving into a dorm, but you can still bring your own fun twist and personality by decorating the dorm walls.

It’s a chance to transform a blank canvas into a cozy and personalized space that will be your home away from home.

Whether you're dealing with a small space or just want to add some fun to your dorm walls, this ultimate guide will walk you through 19 fantastic ideas that will give your dorm room walls the personality and style they deserve.

1. Setting a Color Scheme

A pink and white dorm bedroom with wall art

It can feel overwhelming to find a color scheme that you love but stick to the basics.

A good rule of thumb is to use a bold color and then one or two colors to complement it. Don't go wild with lots of different colors because that might feel overwhelming.

I love this pink and white themed bedroom; it's simple but cute and cozy.

2. Place Wall Art

A white bedroom with minimalistic flower wall art

Wall art is a great way to decorate your dorm room walls!

This bedroom opts for dainty flower pictures and pairs them with fairy lights, which create a magical vibe.

3. Maximizing Small Space

A white bedroom with wall art

Using large frames to frame your wall art can make your small space look larger.

This simple and effective idea is a fun way to add a little spark to your bedroom.

You can also swap out the pieces whenever you want a new theme!

4. Showing Off Your Favorite Photos

An orange and white bed with lots of photos and plants

Create a gallery wall with a mix of your favorite photos, an inspirational quote, and art.

It's a fun way to showcase your memories and add personality to your room.

5. Hang Up Fairy Lights

Fairy lights draping down a white dorm room

I LOVE the way this dorm room drapes the cute string lights down the blank wall, it looks so elegant and chic.

Fairy lights are such an easy way to brighten up your college dorm room when you have limited space.

A white boho bedroom with throw pillows and a gallery wall

A gallery wall can bring life and energy to bare walls. Whether through prints, art, or posters, it is a fun way to inject personality into your space.

This bedroom incorporates macrame, artwork, and fairy lights. I love how they used different frames and shapes, this mix and match style makes it all blend together!

7. Use Stick Wallpaper

A white boho dorm room with stick wallpaper

Stick wallpaper can be the easiest way to transform your bedroom and get rid of that dorm room feel.

Removable wallpaper is college-friendly; all you have to do is peel and stick.

The best part? It comes in various colors and patterns, so you will find something that fits your color scheme.

8. Use Washi Tape

A bedroom with plants, wall art, and washy tape.

Washi tape is a fun and easy way to decorate your dorm room walls, especially since it can be removed whenever you like.

Use it to put up wall art, tapestries, or create funky geometric shapes.

9. Hang Cute Garlands

A pink and white bedroom with fairy lights and an ottoman

Garlands are a great way to add mood lighting to your room.

Hang up the garland with command strips and fairy lights to create a cozy feel.

10. Decorate With A Wire Wall Grid

A yellow bedroom with a wire wall

For college students, a wire wall grid is a must-have. They make hanging anything on your dorm room walls easy and damage-free.

If you opt to hang it above your desk you can hang school supplies, a calendar, to-do list, or anything you need for productivity for your school year.

If you’re using it for decor you can add photos of you and your best friend, small items or little art prints.

11. Decorate with plants

White bedding with plants

Decorating with plants is an easy way to add life to your space and make it feel fresh and vibrant.

If you're not a green thumb, you can opt for fake plants to avoid the responsibility of being a plant parent.

It would also look super cute to hang fairy lights through your vines! Remember to get battery-powered fairy lights, or the ends can reach one of your outlets.

12. Creating a Photo Wall Collage

A colorful bedroom with a photo wall

A photo wall collage is a great idea when decorating your wall space.

Print out your favorite Pinterest photos, photos of your friends, pets, family, last year, etc., and hang them up on your wall with blue tack or a piece of string with binder clips.

13. Take Advantage of Your Shelves

A white boho bedroom with a ottoman and floating shelves

Shelves aren't just for books. Use them to hold baskets, photos, and decor pieces, adding both storage and style to your dorm room walls.

The great thing about this is that you can easily swap the items out!

14. Include Neon Lights

A dorm room with neon lights.

Neon lights are trendy for dorm rooms right now, and for good reason!

They are in almost every dorm room photo on TikTok and Pinterest. You can get a neon sign with any design or saying.

They are a pretty affordable dorm room wall decor option; you can find a variety of them at Target.

15. Hanging up a Map

A dorm bedroom with a map poster

Putting up a map poster in your dorm room can be a fun way to mark all the places you've traveled to and those on your bucket list.

16. Hang up a Tapestry

A bohemian orange and white dorm room with a tapestry

Tapestries are a fantastic way to add color to your dorm room without marking the walls.

They're affordable, lightweight, and easy to remove when moving out. Plus, they cover up any marks on your walls from over the years.

17. Placing Fairy Lights Around The Bed Frame

A bed with fairy lights draped around it.and ivy plants

If you want a quick transformation, placing fairy lights around the bed frame can be a cute way to make the place feel cozy.

You can hold them up with command strips or blue tack.

18. Include a Mirror

A boho bedroom with a large mirror

Including mirrors in a small space is a genius idea because it makes the space instantly feel brighter and larger!

You can purchase a mirror for an affordable price at vintage stores and Facebook marketplace.

19. Include a CorkBoard

A corkboard and journal on a desk

A corkboard is a great way to hang up your favorite photos or important school things without leaving a mark on the wall!

It s a great option because it keeps you organized, is versatile, and is easy to change.

This post showed you 19 trendy dorm room wall ideas!

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