This post shows you the best baddie bedroom ideas.

Baddie Bedroom Ideas For Baddies!

Are you looking for the best baddie bedroom decor ideas? You’re in the right place!

Decorating your bedroom can be so much fun but such a challenge at the same time.

I love to look at visual inspo for bedroom decor, and I guess you're in the same boat!!

Finding decor you love that works for the rest of the room and is still in your price range can be a real struggle.

That’s why I’ll show you 22 bedroom decor ideas with different styles and how to recreate them!

Roses with macarons

These are some of the baddie bedroom ideas we’ll cover:

  • Baddie bedroom decor ideas
  • Neutral bedroom decor
  • Bedroom decor with clothing rack
  • Cozy bedroom decor
  • Feminine bedroom ideas

Below, you find color scheme inspiration, a guide on how to mix and match the decor, and everything else you will need to make your bedroom decor come together.

1. Fairy Lights

A bedframe with fairy lights

Fairy lights are such a fun and easy way to achieve a baddie room.

This bedroom drapes them around the ceiling, instantly making your room feel cozy and warm.

2. Feminine Bedroom Ideas

A pink desk with flowers and fluffy accents

When you think about feminine bedrooms, people tend to think of pink.

Pink can make a room feel feminine, but there are so many other ways to achieve this!

Even though this room has lots of pink accents, the fun art, flowers, and fuzzy chair make the bedroom look feminine without being too over the top.

3. Flowers!!

Tulips on a pink and white bed

I love flowers in a room! Whether real, fake, or dried, they instantly add so much life to your space.

These tulips bring so much energy and instantly make the bedroom look put together.

4. Incorporating Black & White Furniture

A black and white aesthetic room

You can't go wrong with black and white furniture; it is timeless and goes with everything.

Keeping your bedroom main furniture classic and modern is a great idea, as those things aren't cheap! You want to make sure that the furniture can grow with you.

A full-length floor mirror is essential for a baddie's bedroom, and I love the women's art print - it feels so empowering.

5. White Fluffy Cushions Mixed with Pink Accents

A white fluffy blanket in a chair and pink furniture

How cute is this bedroom! This vibe is definitely giving 'focusing on myself' energy, which everyone should be giving off in 2024.

You can recreate this bedroom decor easily by adding a fluffy white blanket to your desk chair, dried flowers, a framed quote, and a journal.

6. Fun Wall Art

A pin board, desk, wall art and journal.

Wall art is an easy and inexpensive way to elevate your bedroom. I am obsessed with these dainty flower drawings.

7. A Tray is a Must

A mirror tray holding candles and perfumes

Trays are an easy and affordable way to make your life seem put together.

Keep the centerpiece simple with only 3-4 decorative items.

Make sure you also use varying heights to make it feel balanced.

8. Bedroom Decor with Clothing Rack

gray dress shirt hang on brown wooden rack in front of window with white curtain
Photo by tu tu / Unsplash

Let’s be honest; many of us have small bedrooms where we need to maximize every square inch of space.

Style a clothing rack aesthetically pleasingly, and make it part of the decor.

9. Self Care Area

A journal, flowers and candle

A self care area is a must in 2024!!

All you need is a candle and a journal, and you are good to go.

The key to being a baddie is taking time for yourself.

10. Candles

2 pink candles in candle holders

Look how fun these long pink candles are! Paired with the candle holders, the candles come together beautifully.

11. Neutral Bedroom Decor with Pops of Color and Plants

A white and green bedroom

Neutral decor is a recurring theme in a baddie bedroom, and for good reason. It’s timeless, elegant, easy to decorate, and I know I’ll still love my furniture for years to come.

12. White Base with Pink

A pink and white bedroom

A pop of color in your bedroom looks super cozy, especially when paired with a chunky knit throw blanket.

The dusty pink in this bedroom makes the checkered print feel more subtle. Everything works together beautifully.

13. Keeping It Clean and Modern

A simple bedroom with a desk and plant

Keep it simple.

This minimalist bedroom corner looks so classy.

The gold accents and green plants add a slight color to the mix without overpowering.

14. Funky Lamps and Reflective Metal Side Tables

A metal bedside table and a funky lamp

A reflective bedside table? Count me in!

Paired with a funky lamp? Even better.

15. Fairy Lights Draping Through The Curtains

white and blue window curtain
Photo by Shashi Chaturvedula / Unsplash

Fairy lights behind a curtain are the epitome of coziness and such an easy DIY.

This makes me want to curl up with a hot chocolate and read a book.

16. Getting the Pink Version of Everything!

Pink accessories and a pink globe

The pastel pink throw pillows and blanket paired with the simple white bedding and flowers bring a new and fun perspective to the room without feeling overwhelming.

17. Keeping Your Desk Organised

A wooden drawer with products

Organization is key to a baddie room. A set of wooden drawers like this maintains order and creates a more open environment.

When I feel organized physically, I also feel organized mentally.

18. Coffee Table Books and Flowers

Coffee books and tulips

This cute idea features bold tulips, a candle, and a stack of books.

Adding a few coffee table books can be good if your table feels empty.

Or you might just be a big reader and want to keep your books on hand.

19. Cozy Bedroom Decor

A room with fairy lights and candles

How cozy does this room look? Fairy lights, tea lights, and fluffy pillows are the secret.

There is nothing more relaxing than coming home to this bedroom after a long and stressful day.

It is the perfect decor without needing too much.

20. Keep It Simple

A desk with fairy lights and a rug

If you're not a fan of having a lot of items in your bedroom, a rug, desk, fairy lights, and a plant is all you need to bring in a warmer atmosphere.

21. Incorporating Sage Greens and Baby Pinks

A sage green bedroom

Sage greens and baby pinks are trending for Spring, and for a good reason.

Including colored sheets and a duvet is an easy way to add color to your bedroom.

22. Full Princess Moment

A white themed room with yellow accents

OK, how gorgeous is this headboard? It is so simple, but it is such a focal point in the room.

The soft yellows around the room do it for me!!

This post shows you the best baddie bedroom ideas.

Baddie bedroom decor ideas with pink and white furniture

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