Showing you the best purple bedroom ideas for teenage girls!

As little girls transition into teenage girls, they need a welcoming, comforting bedroom that shows their personality – without worrying about having a childish room.

While pinks and pastels are often associated with younger girls, purple is a cool color that creates a sense of maturity and sophistication.

It can be seen as a step up from more younger colors without losing its feminine touch.

The purple color is associated with luxury, creativity, and ambition.

If you are looking for the perfect affordable bedroom ideas to make your little girl happy, this article has tips on creating a stylish purple bedroom for teenage girls that is stylish but not tacky.

Now, let's get inspired by these purple bedroom ideas for teenage girls.

1. Purple Bedding

Purple bedding in a purple bedroom

The bed is typically the largest piece of furniture in a bedroom.

By using purple bedding, you immediately draw attention to the bed, making it the room's focal point - which helps tie your room together.

Purple is often seen as a trendy color. By incorporating it into the bedding, the room instantly feels more modern and stylish, which your teenager will appreciate.

2. Purple Neon Lights

purple and white happy birthday neon light signage
Photo by Jon Tyson / Unsplash

Neon lights, especially in bedrooms, are a contemporary trend.

They give the room a modern, edgy vibe that many teenagers appreciate, making their space feel fun and stylish.

The glow from neon lights can transform the room as well. Depending on the placement and design, it can make the area feel cozier, more intimate, and even more spacious.

Neon lights come in various shapes, words, and designs. There's a neon light to match every personality.

3. Purple Prints

lavander wall art

For many teenagers, their bedroom is a sanctuary of self-expression.

Prints allow them to showcase their unique style, preferences, and personality.

Whether it's a band poster, a favorite quote, or their art, prints let them make a personal statement.

You can find your teen's favorite pictures on Google and Pinterest and print them out to create a cute collage on their wall.

4. Accent Wall

Purple and white bedroom with accent wall

Giving your room a purple accent wall can give it the desired look without feeling overpowered.

You can experiment with different shades of purple to get your dream bedroom.

Additionally, using a feature wall can make smaller rooms feel larger or longer than it actually is.

Painting one wall as an accent is more cost-effective than redecorating the entire room. It offers a significant visual change without incurring high costs, making it a practical choice for parents.

5.  Fairy Lights

Fairy lights in purple bedroom

Fairy lights instantly transform a room, giving it a dreamy and magical feel.

The soft glow of these lights can make a purple bedroom feel like a magical retreat, perfect for a teenager seeking a cozy sanctuary.

It's ideal for winding down in the evening, bonding time with friends, or even for late-night reading without the harshness of overhead lights.

They are very cost-effective and can be draped around a bed frame, hung on walls, wrapped around curtain rods, or even placed inside glass jars.

The gentle illumination from fairy lights creates the perfect cozy and relaxed environment.

6. A purple and white reading nook

Purple and white reading nook

A reading nook provides a cozy space where your teenager can curl up with a book, daydream, or watch the world outside.

Especially in smaller bedrooms, a window seat can be a clever way to utilize the space by the window.

The area beneath the seat can also be used for storage, making it practical as well.

It can be adorned with purple or complementary-colored cushions when paired with a purple theme, tying the room together beautifully.

6. Hanging Chair

Hanging chairs are a great way to give your teenager's bedroom a contemporary look instantly.

They provide the room with a grown-up feel, provide extra seating, and make the room feel modern.

Opt for purple cushions or throws to make it fit the theme and more comfortable.

This is a great addition to the bedroom, and it's definitely something the cool kids own.

8. Purple and White Bedroom

A purple and white bedroom with pillows, throws and flowers

Opting for a purple and white color scheme blends warmth and coolness, making the bedroom a comfortable and inviting space.

White offers calmness and simplicity, whereas purple creates depth, making them a perfect match.

From soft lilacs to deep plums, purple hues can be paired beautifully with white. This versatility allows for adapting to a teenager's evolving tastes.

A purple and white palette serves as a neutral backdrop, making it easier to coordinate furniture and accessories.

9. Flowers

purple flowers in bedroom

Flowers are my absolute favorite way to improve my space.

Placing flowers in vases around my room transformed my bedroom, making it feel more welcoming and alive.

Tending to flowers, arranging them, or even choosing floral decor can be a creative outlet for a teenager. It can also teach responsibility, as some flowers require care and attention.

Studies have shown that the presence of flowers can boost mood, reduce stress, and promote a sense of well-being. For a teenager, having flowers in her room can offer emotional benefits, making the space a sanctuary of positivity.

Opt for lavender, orchids, or lilacs to create a more purple feel. Choose dried or fake flowers if you don't want the responsibility.

10. Purple Rug

Teenage girls room with purple rug

Rugs bring a textured foundation to your bedroom.

They add comfort to the space, whether it's a fluffy or a colorful, patterned rug.

A well-chosen rug could tie all the elements together, creating a cohesive look in your purple bedroom.

11. Purple Accent Pieces

purple bedroom accent pieces

If you have a neutral color scheme, accent pieces are a great way to introduce purple into your girl's room without it being too overpowering.

They can add depth and dimension to the room, whether it's a throw pillow, vases, or books.

Accent pieces are a great idea as they are versatile and can be easily changed or updated.

12. Include Non-Purple Accent Pieces

green plant on white ceramic vase
Photo by Linh Le / Unsplash

On the other hand, if your purple bedroom design is multiple shades of purple, it can be fun to include non-purple accents like white and light gray.

These pops of color will stand out in your teenager's bedroom, make your room feel more cohesive, and give it a contemporary look.

13. Purple Bench

A white and purple bedroom with a purple bench

A table at the end of the bed provides a practical space for sitting, whether to put on shoes, lay out the next day's outfit, or simply relax.

When done in purple, it adds a touch of elegance that complements the room's theme.

While many bedroom accessories cater to younger audiences, a bench creates a sense of maturity. It's a sophisticated piece that can make a teenage girl's bedroom feel more grown-up.

14. Lace Curtains

white and blue window curtain
Photo by Shashi Chaturvedula / Unsplash

Lace curtains bring a soft, romantic vibe to your bedroom.

They allow natural light to filter through, creating a cozy atmosphere that balances the purple elements in the room.

Consider putting fairy lights underneath them to create a pretty glow!

15. LED Lightbulbs

A purple LED lightbulb in a bedroom

LEDs are an affordable and great way to add cool color to your teenager's bedroom. 

You can now connect many LED lightbulbs to your phone through Bluetooth, making changing the vibe of your room easier.

They often come with adjustable brightness and color-changing features. This adaptability allows for different moods, from a bright study environment to a cozy, dimmed relaxation space.

They are also very trendy!

16. Dressing Tables

purple and white bedroom with dressing table

Dressing tables are great for organization and add a touch of sophistication to the bedroom with their classic appeal.

In a purple-themed room, a dressing table can be adorned with purple accessories or painted in a complementary shade to fit the theme.

17. DIY Ideas

A purple and white bedroom with fairy lights

Draping purple fairy lights around the bed is a very affordable and fun way to add purple to your child's bedroom.

You can even do this together for a fun day of bonding!

18. Floral Prints

painting of pink flower on dresser near white vase
Photo by Stephanie Harvey / Unsplash

While trends come and go, floral prints have a timeless appeal.

Artwork can be easily updated as your teenage girl grows and her tastes change.

Swapping out a floral cushion cover or changing the wall art can give the room a fresh look without a complete makeover.

19. Purple Headboard

A purple bed with a purple headboard

Consider opting for a purple headboard when designing a bedroom for a teenage girl.

It offers a delicate balance of softness, modernity, and fun.

20. Purple and Light Gray

white, purple and grey bedroom

Purple and light gray are fantastic color combinations, as purple brings depth and vibrancy, while light grey offers a muted, neutral backdrop.

Together, they create a balanced and visually appealing bedroom, ensuring the room is not too overwhelming.

6. Throw pillows with a purple hue

A white and purple bedroom with purple throw pillows

Layering various throw pillows in your bedding can instantly uplift the coziness of your bedroom.

You can purchase different shades of purple pillows depending on your color palette.

If you have a purple base, white or light gray throw pillows can complement it well and create a more contemporary look.

22. Lanterns and Tea Lights

purple and white bedroom with fairy lights and purple lantern

Lanterns add a cozy, warm light and a calming charm. You can also opt for cute tea lights to create a comforting ambiance.

I love the chandelier this bedroom uses; it looks so elegant and classy.

There are many fantastic LED candles if you are worried about fire hazards.

23. Canopy

A purple canopy

A canopy instantly transforms a regular bed into a dreamy retreat.

For many teenagers, their bedroom is their private haven.

A canopy creates a sense of enclosure and privacy, offering a cocoon-like space where they can relax, reflect, and rejuvenate.

Consider draping fairy lights around it for a more magical vibe.

24. Pastel Sheets

a close up of a bed with a pink comforter
Photo by Esmee / Unsplash

Using pastel sheets with a neutral duvet is an affordable and fantastic way to add a subtle pop of color!

25. Galaxy Lights

cute purple bedroom

A galaxy projector is a device that projects an image of the night sky onto a ceiling or wall; it brings the stars and planets to life.

This purple bedroom projects beautiful colors onto the walls!

Galaxy projectors are becoming increasingly popular ‌and are a great purple bedroom idea for teenage girls.

You can find them cheaply online at stores like Walmart and Target.

26. Baskets

pink tulips on brown woven basket
Photo by Nataliya Melnychuk / Unsplash

Baskets are perfect for storage and add a fun, textural element. They are great for holding extra pillows, blankets, laundry, or flowers.

If you are after a purple look, replace the flowers with lavender or lilac!

27. LED Strip Lights

turned on flat screen monitor and black laptop computer on table with purple neon lights
Photo by Alexandru Acea / Unsplash

These strip lights are getting increasingly popular every year as they are an affordable and easy addition to your bedroom.

You can place them around your teen bedroom, under your bed, or on the ceiling to create a beautiful purple glow.

You can also easily change the colors with a remote if a teenager feels a different vibe for the day.

28. Ottomans/Poofs

purple ottoman in a bedroom

Poufs and ottomans are great as they provide extra seating, and the various colors and materials can add to the aesthetic.

Look at this cute ottoman at the foot of the bed.

29. Ceramic Bowls/Vases

assorted bowls on brown surface
Photo by khloe arledge / Unsplash

Ceramic pieces allow teens to showcase their style, whether it's through a modern vase, a vintage bowl, or a piece they painted themselves in a pottery class.

They can hold fresh flowers, houseplants, jewelry, or even be left empty as standalone art pieces.

Ceramic pieces have a timeless quality. As your teenage girl grows and her tastes evolve, these pieces remain relevant, adapting to various decor styles and phases of life.

Purple bedroom with fairy lights, pillows, rugs and ottomans

We hope these 29 purple bedroom ideas for teenage girls inspire you to transform your space while on a budget.

These teen girl bedroom ideas allow you to create an aesthetically pleasing space for your little girl and their sanctuary.

The great thing about the teen room style is that they can choose the elements they want to include.

Remember, the most important thing to a successful teenager's space is to make sure their personality shines through, experiment with different pieces, and create a space that feels like a home to them.

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