This post shows you the best outer space-themed bedroom decor ideas for kids!

Creating a space-themed bedroom for your child is not just about decorating; it's about inspiring their imagination and bringing the wonders of the universe into their personal space. 

How to decorate a space-themed bedroom?

  • Spaceships and rocketships
  • Planets
  • Stars
  • Constellation paintings and wallpaper
  • Astronauts and spacesuits
  • Galaxy lighting

Now, let's get into these space-themed bedroom ideas!

1. Choosing the Right Colour Schemes

 the bedroom features colourful star wall murals and dark furniture, with a white desk in the corner, in the style of dark navy and light indigo, whimsical sci-fi, vancouver school, dark white and light white, multi-layered

The first thing in creating a space-themed room is choosing the right color palette.

A rich black background emulates the vastness of space, while cyan, purple, and soft glow hues can represent distant galaxies and nebulae.

These colours can form a great foundation for the room, setting the stage for more detailed decorations.

2. Strategic Lighting for a Starry Night

Fairy lights in a white space themed bedroom

Strategically placed lighting can make a huge difference. A soft night light that projects stars onto the ceiling can create a starry night atmosphere, perfect for lulling your little space explorer to sleep.

3. Solar System Mobiles and Galaxy Lamps

A space themed bunk bed with planets painted on it

Hanging a solar system mobile is a great way to add a three-dimensional aspect to the room.

Positioned above the bed, it can become a focal point and a tool for bedtime stories about space travel.

Similarly, galaxy lamps or a rocket ship lamp can add a soft glow, making the room feel cozy while still sticking to the theme.

4. Wall Art and Murals: Painting the Cosmos

This space themed bedroom represents the true galaxy experience with images of the milky way and universe decorations

Wall murals are a fantastic way to bring the universe to life. Imagine having a full moon, the Milky Way, or images of planets and space shuttles adorning the entire wall.

For a DIY approach, use a small paintbrush to dot in larger and smaller stars, creating a true galaxy look.

If painting isn’t your forte, wall decals and stickers are an easy solution, offering everything from dark stars to detailed images of distant galaxies.

5. Space-Themed Accessories for a Personal Touch

A galaxy lamp in a space bedroom

Throw pillows, duvet covers, and curtains with space motifs can tie the room together.

Opt for designs with space shuttles, stars, or even phrases related to space exploration.

These accessories are an affordable way to enhance the theme without overwhelming the space.

6. Push-Button Constellations and Interactive Wall Stickers

brown and white printed globe with constellations
Photo by Vedrana Filipović / Unsplash

Interactive elements like push-button constellations or wall stickers that change with light can add a magical touch.

They make the room not just a space to sleep, but a place for exploration and learning.

8. DIY Tutorials for an Immersive World

a group of stars hanging from the ceiling
Photo by Ivel Leal / Unsplash

Engage in DIY tutorials to create unique items like a model rocket, a star map, or a homemade telescope.

These projects not only add to the décor but also provide a meaningful way to spend time with your child, teaching them about the wonders of interstellar travel.

9. Personalized Touches for Your Little Astronaut

a white and blue space themed bedroom

Incorporate your child's interests to make the room truly theirs.

If they love "Star Wars," add posters or figures from the franchise. If they have a favorite book about space, find a special place to display it.

These personal touches will make them feel valued and supported.

10. Themed Bedding and Comfort

A space bedroom with space themed bedding

Space-themed bedding can be both visually appealing and comforting.

Choose a set that complements the overall color scheme and theme of the room.

A themed duvet cover or sheets featuring the solar system can be both educational and fun.

I hope these space-themed bedroom ideas have inspired you!

Creating a space-themed bedroom is more than decorating; it's about igniting curiosity, inspiring dreams of space travel, and providing a unique space where your child can grow and learn.

From wall art to bedding, each element contributes to creating an environment that is both educational and magical.

With these ideas and your creativity, your child's bedroom can become one of their favorite rooms – a personal gateway to the cosmos where they can embark on nightly adventures among the stars.

Space themed bedroom decor

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