Showing you the best Bohemian style living room decor ideas.

Bohemian style, commonly known as "Boho," represents a free-spirited, artistic lifestyle.

This design aesthetic is characterized by a mix of colors, patterns, and textures, creating a unique and personal space.

Now, let's get into these Bohemian living room decor ideas!

1. Understanding Bohemian Style

A living room with bright and bold furniture, pops of color, green plants, area rugs and warm tone furniture
Photo by Spacejoy / Unsplash

The bohemian style reflects an artistic, free-spirited lifestyle characterized by various colors, patterns, and textures.

This beautiful living room manages to mix lots of different colors and textures, but it doesn't feel overwhelming due to the neutral and earthy tones.

2. Bright Colors and Bold Statements

A living room with rattan furniture

A hallmark of bohemian decor is its use of warm and bold colors.

These vibrant hues are often used in contrast to neutral backdrops, creating a dynamic and lively environment. 

From deep purples to fiery oranges, these colors bring energy to your space.

3. Include Lots of Natural Materials

A white living room with a fluffy rug and wooden bench
Photo by Lydia Mailloux / Unsplash

Incorporating natural materials is critical to bohemian design.

Think beyond standard furniture and include items made from organic materials like bamboo, wool, or cotton.

This not only adds texture but also helps to create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly space.

Which brings me to my next point:

4. Mixing Metals with Natural Materials

A living room with a green potted plant on white and brown wooden table
Photo by Grovemade / Unsplash

Natural elements like plants, wood, and stones are staples in Bohemian decor.

These elements bring an earthy and grounding feel to your living space, bringing the outside in.

I love the gold metal accents in this living room; it adds a touch of luxury.

5. Mixing Textures and Patterns

a bohemian living room with a rattan basket and natural material furniture

The essence of Bohemian design lies in its eclectic and unconventional nature

It's a mix-and-match of various styles, textures, and eras, reflecting a carefree lifestyle. 

This living room incorporates textured throw pillows, ottomans, and a patterned area rug, but combined with the minimalistic furniture, it creates a harmonious look.

6. An Eclectic Coffee Table

a coffee table with a pamper grass on top of it and blankets
Photo by Elias Rodriguez / Unsplash

Have some fun with your coffee table!!

This coffee table is made of a slab of wood, bringing in a bit of rustic charm.

To create a true boho look, mix vintage and modern elements, combine various cultural influences, and layer different textures and fabrics. 

It's about creating a personal, comfortable, and visually interesting space.

7. Ottomans

a living room filled with boho furniture, an ottoman and a large window
Photo by Minh Pham / Unsplash

Many interior designers suggest a balanced approach to Boho decor.

Combining modern amenities with ethnic accents, luxurious items with simple pieces, and handmade objects with store-bought items.

Look how cute the woven pouf looks paired with the wooden accents.

8. Rattan Accent Chairs - A Boho Must-Have

A rattan accent chair with a bohemian cushion on it
Photo by Stephanie Harvey / Unsplash

A rattan accent chair isn't just practical seating; it's a statement piece that embodies the boho spirit.

Its natural material and intricate weaving add comfort and style to your living room.

This is an easy and affordable way to bring the Boho feel into your living room.

9. Vintage or Area Rugs For A Timeless Look

a living room with a large white and black area rug and two windows
Photo by Nathan Van Egmond / Unsplash

A well-chosen vintage rug can serve as the foundation of your bohemian living room.

Not only do they add warmth and character, but they also help to define different areas within the space, especially in open-plan rooms.

On the other hand, layering multiple area rugs can create a cozy, eclectic look.

This technique adds depth and interest to the floor and is a great way to combine different patterns and textures.

10. Bring the Boho Decor through to the Dining Room

green potted plant on brown wooden table with natural material chairs and candle light chandeliers
Photo by Beazy / Unsplash

Extend the Bohemian feel to your dining area.

A dining room with mismatched chairs, a rustic wooden table, and colorful, ethnic-inspired tableware can create a warm and inviting space for meals and gatherings.

These candle chandeliers add lots of character to the space without being overwhelming.

11. Choosing the Right Color Palette

An earthy tone lounge room with a brown wooden center table inside room
Photo by Kirill / Unsplash

In bohemian decor, the color palette often includes earthy tones like browns, greens, and grays, accented with brighter hues like pink, blue, or yellow. 

My favorite is incorporating rich jewel tones like deep blues and greens.

I find it makes the space come to life.

12. Essentials of Bohemian Decor

a living room with an orange couch, different patterns, plants and wooden accents
Photo by Spacejoy / Unsplash

Central to bohemian decor include layered rugs, vintage and upcycled furniture, and plants. 

These elements work together to create a sense of warmth, comfort, and lived-in charm.

Look at this unique area rug; the eclectic pattern creates an instant Boho vibe.

13. Creating a Focal Point in Small Spaces

a living room with brown wooden table with chairs, there is also wall art and accent features
Photo by Angelina / Unsplash

A Bohemian focal point in a small living room can be a large piece of art, a colorful tapestry, or a unique piece of furniture. 

This draws the eye and sets the tone, making the room feel larger and more dynamic.

14. Mixing Different Patterns

a bohemian style living room filled with furniture and plants
Photo by Lydia Mailloux / Unsplash

Bohemian style is all about fearlessly mixing patterns.

The key is to find a common color or theme that ties the different patterns together, creating a cohesive yet vibrant look.

15. White Walls as a Canvas for Boho Decor

A white walled living room with pampas grass and a grey couch with orange
Photo by Marten Bjork / Unsplash

White walls provide a blank canvas against which boho decor's vibrant colors and rich textures can stand out. 

They also help to keep the space feeling light and airy.

16. Bohemian Living Room Table Accents

A bohemian wooden table with a cork board, books and interesting ceramics and glassware.
Photo by Olesia 🇺🇦 Buyar / Unsplash

A bohemian living room table might include flowers, candles, colorful fabrics, and a mix of ceramic and glassware. 

I love how this table includes a corkboard; it makes it so easy to hang up your current inspo and favorite prints.

The aim is to create an inviting and relaxed atmosphere.

17. Designing an Eclectic Space

A living room with a pouf, rug and electric guitar
Photo by Minh Pham / Unsplash

A boho space combines various elements from different time periods and cultures. 

This might include a modern sofa paired with Moroccan poufs, eclectic artwork, Turkish rugs, and metal accents.

18. Macrame Wall Art

a living room filled with furniture, a mix of framed prints and wall art
Photo by Toa Heftiba / Unsplash

Wall art in a bohemian room can range from a single large piece to a gallery wall featuring a mix of framed prints, woven tapestries, and ethnic textiles. 

The art should reflect your tastes and interests.

19. Incorporating Different Materials and Textures

Plants surrounded by wooden furniture
Photo by Minh Pham / Unsplash

A mix of materials and textures is key to bohemian style.

Wooden accents, velvet cushions, silk drapes, linen throws, and wool rugs all add to the sensory experience of the room.

20. Incorporating Boho Elements

A living room with an aesthetic brown wooden ladder with a wool throw over it and a fluffy bohemian rug
Photo by Element5 Digital / Unsplash

Adding elements like a jute rug, a bamboo screen, or a wool throw can introduce natural textures that are quintessentially boho and bring warmth and richness to the space.

A wooden ladder like this is so easy to add and very affordable.

21. Wicker and Rattan Furniture with Copper Elements

A rattan chair with a throw over it and a copper lamp
Photo by Tina Witherspoon / Unsplash

Wicker and rattan are not only trendy but also inherently bohemian. 

These materials are versatile lightweight, and add a casual, natural vibe to the room.

Combined with metal accents, it looks amazing; its the perfect balance of old and new.

You can find stylish wicker furniture at second-hand shops or on the Facebook marketplace to get a bargain!

22. Innovative Bohemian Living Room Ideas

A rustic bohemian living room with hanging shelves, a pallet table, ottomans, wooden furniture, plants and books
Photo by Howie Mapson / Unsplash

Use floor cushions, bean bags, and low tables to create a relaxed and informal living area.

These elements encourage guests to sit back, relax, and feel at home.

They're also perfect for creating a cozy, relaxing, reading or meditating nook.

23. Indoor Plants

A living room with indoor plants, with a decor shelf with lots of knick knacks
Photo by Huy Phan / Unsplash

Plants are a must-have in bohemian decor. 

They add color and life to a room, improve air quality, and bring a sense of tranquility.

Opt for a plant that doesn't require much maintenance, like a monstera or a peace lily.

24. Decor Ideas

A bohemian style living room with rattan furniture and  a green cactus plant
Photo by Alyssa Strohmann / Unsplash

To create a boho-style room, incorporate pampas grass, macrame wall hangings, ethnic prints, and unique, handmade items. 

These add personality and charm to the space.

If you're up for the challenge, you can do a fun macrame DIY; this is an affordable and fun way to add Boho style to your space.

25. Collect Unique Ceramics

blue and white ceramic plates
Photo by DustyRoze / Unsplash

Adding fun and unique ceramics such as plates, bowls, and glasses can be a fantastic and affordable way to add bohemian style to your living room.

You can use them as little holders for knick-knacks and jewelry or as coasters.

The great thing about this is that you can slowly collect pieces from thrift shops, online stores, and markets!

Boho living room ideas

This post showed you the best Bohemian style living room ideas.

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