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This post shows you the best how to decorate around tv ideas!

The space around your TV is like a blank canvas waiting to be decorated.

Whether you want to keep it simple, aim for a cozy look, or have a fun art display, there are zillions of different ways to transform this area into a stylish focal point of the room.

I know having a TV on the wall isn't the most aesthetic thing to look at, but when paired with the right decor and some creative ideas, you can create your dream living room.

Decorating around a TV can be tricky, but with the right approach, you can create a stylish and inviting space.

around the tv decor

Now, let's get into these how to decorate around TV ideas!

how to decorate around a tv

This living space looks so cozy. 

For this decor, surround your living room TV with a gallery wall of framed art, family photos, or cute decorative items. 

This helps to camouflage the TV and create visual interest in the space. 

Include homely accents like succulents, ceramics, and candles. 

Eclectic frame set

2. Floating shelves

how to decorate around a tv on the wall

Here is another way to make your large TV look more aesthetic.

If you have a blank wall, add a floating shelf above it.

The floating shelf filled with art prints and greenery is a great way to fill up the empty wall space above it, without feeling cluttered.

This budget-friendly setup is both stylish and practical.

White floating shelf

3. Add picture frames

how to decorate around a tv stand

This injects personality into the living room.

Combine your TV screen with a few picture frames to create a super cozy feel.

Add family photos, images of your favorite landscapes, or anything you love to make a small living room look put together.

Consider adding a few decorative objects like an ottoman, greenery, and throw blankets for a warm atmosphere.

Wooden floating shelf

Picture frames

4. Make it cozy

tv wall decor living room

If you want something a little more cozy, then try this out; this idea is as cute as it comes.

Pop some string lights around your TV, add some throw blankets and some plush pillows.

Consider adding some large green leaves to create some interest.

Fairy lights

5. Farmhouse aesthetic

decorating wall around tv

How adorable does this living room look?

If you want to achieve a farmhouse look, arrange greenery, woven baskets, candles, and wooden accents together.

Using a wooden window frame as a TV stand is a creative way to add some personality to the space.

Not only does this look chic, but it is a fun DIY project.

Farmhouse window frame

Wooden lantern

6. Candles and an evergreen garland

decorating wall above tv

To those who enjoy simple yet cozy touches, you can recreate this decor.

Add a touch of freshness to your TV set by adding an evergreen garland and a few candles beneath it.

Evergreen garlands have a vibrant color that contrasts beautifully with the white furniture.

Pine garland

7. Rustic built-in shelving and lanterns

decorating above tv stand

Combining modern and rustic accents is a game-changer for your home.

The TV is mounted on the wall, which not only saves space but also creates a clean and contemporary look.

The mix of wood and metal elements combined with greenery, and built-in shelves creates a modern-rustic aesthetic that works exceptionally well together.

Having mini built-in shelving on either side of the TV really completes the look.

Console table

Wicker basket

8. Keep it simple

decor around tv

Transform the wall space around your TV with this simple decor idea!

Adding a mirror to your living room brings light into your room, creating the illusion of more space.

Adding some plants like monsteras or ferns can bring freshness and life back.

Faux monstera

9. Accent wall

decor around tv on wall

Using a dark accent wall is a clever trick to make your TV blend seamlessly into the decor.

The TV almost disappears against the dark background, drawing attention to the artwork instead.

The gold frame looks amazing on the darker colour accent wall. It makes the art pop. 

10. Mounted TV and console with neutral & boho decor

decor around tv stand

Having a wall-mounted TV is a good solution for a small living room. 

It takes up less space and makes the living room feel less cluttered.

The neutral and earthy decor for this TV console is perfect, and the decor items balance out the TV. 

Because this flat screen tv is mounted, there is lots of free space underneath for extra storage and decor.

Wooden console

11. Floating shelves and candles

decor around tv wall

Minimalists will absolutely adore this around the TV decor idea for its creativity while keeping it simple.

For this decor, create a modern ambiance with a few floating shelves to the side of the TV.

The ceramics, artwork, and pampas grass pair well with the wooden shelves with a similar color scheme.

Floating shelves

12. Rustic farmhouse aesthetic

tv wall decor

Embrace the country aesthetic by adding some dark wood pieces such as floating shelves or a table.

The dark tone will add some dimension to the room.

Add in some lanterns and candles to create some mood lighting.

Dark wood floating shelves

Wicker storage baskets

13. Books, greenery, and storage

decorating above tv

For those who love to curl up with a book, here's an idea that is perfect for you.

Built-in bookcases are a great option for a TV cabinet, as they include a cubby for books while also creating lots of extra storage.

Incorporating framed photos, greenery, and decorative pieces makes the setup feel personalized and stylish.


14. Mirrors and greenery

tv wall decor ideas

Adding a large framed mirror is great for smaller spaces as it will reflect light around your living room, making it look twice as big.

Plus, not only does it make the room feel bigger, but it also draws attention away from the TV.

You can achieve a similar illusion with a large piece of artwork.

It's simple decor, yet it's so eye-catching.

Arch mirror

15. Update it for the holidays

tv wall decor modern

Is Christmas decor complete without including in the TV decor?

Holiday decor around your TV can transform your living room.

String up some baubles, grab a few mini Christmas trees, an evergreen garland, and even a mini Santa.

This budget-friendly decor idea is great for adding holiday cheer to your space.

Faux vines

Mini christmas trees

16. Boho aesthetic

tv decoration wall

Instead of the usual minimalist arrangement, why not switch it up with some Boho decor?

Create a modern boho look by keeping things neutral and earthy.

To recreate this look, all you need is a round mirror, chic ceramics, a woven basket, and an area rug.

Circle mirror

17. Wood tones and fairy lights

tv decor ideas

This living room is a perfect example of how to make a TV in your space look gorgeous!!

Place a gallery wall around your TV for balance. This makes the large wall where the TV is placed look warm and fun.

You can choose to be really playful with lots of plants or go super minimalistic with a few of your favorite decor pieces. 

Faux plants

tv decor wall

This post shows you inspo for the best how to decorate around tv ideas!

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