This post shows you the best inspo for fall centerpiece ideas!

Fall is finally here!

It's time to embrace the cozy and warm vibes and bring out the faux pumpkins, orange, red and brown colors, and pumpkin-spiced everything.

I love to switch up my table decor seasonally, but I always leave a few evergreen key pieces.

From mini pumpkins to fall leaves, and beautiful fall colors, these ideas are perfect for any fall occasion.

fall centerpiece decor ideas

You should play around with a few different table centerpieces and find out which style you like the most.

Now, let's get into these fall centerpiece ideas!

1. Bold floral arrangement

fall centerpieces wedding

Nothing says fall more than adding cozy fall flowers to your centerpiece.

This gorgeous fall centerpiece incorporates a red, orange, and white floral arrangement.

Having a fall-themed tray for your guests on the coffee table is always a nice touch.

2. Fake leaves, candles, and white pumpkins

simple centerpieces

An orange, red, and white color scheme is a game-changer for your home this fall. 

To recreate this look, all you need are some orange and white pumpkins, berry stems, a few candles and some fall leaves.

This setup has the perfect balance of colors and doesn't feel overwhelming.

3. White, green, and beige

fall table centerpieces

Fall decor doesn’t have to mean orange everywhere.

Wicker baskets are such a beautiful addition to your kitchen counter.

Using eucalyptus leaves as decor is so popular right now.

I love to pop some in a simple ceramic pitcher; consider adding a few mini pumpkins or candles to add some interest.

4. Pumpkins, candles, berries, and pine cones

fall table decor ideas

This fall table centerpiece is a beautiful addition to any dinner table.

A burlap table runner with a wooden box for all your fall foliage, miniature pumpkins, candles, pinecones, and berries.

This is a simple idea that makes your table setting seem less empty.

I also love how all of these decor elements are color-coordinated.

5. Fall flowers and a pinecone vase

centerpieces for party

Is fall decor complete without including pinecones?

Create a gorgeous DIY fall centerpiece on your coffee table by adding a bunch of your favorite fall flowers.

Choose a fall color scheme, such as orange, red, and brown, to create the coziness of the fall months.

Pop them in a gorgeous vase with a few pinecones to finish off the look.

6. Table runner and pillar candles

centerpiece ideas

If you're after something a little more classic, then try this out.

This plaid table runner uses pillar candles, small pumpkins, and an evergreen garland to bring the feel of fall into the home.

Create a modern fall centerpiece look by keeping things minimal.

Use dark accents and warm colors to make the aesthetic feel more rustic.

7. Berry stems, fall leaves, and pumpkins

centerpiece for round table

This beautiful fall centerpiece is so unique.

Instead of the usual fall color scheme, this tray decor goes for a red-and-white theme.

The faux fall berries are a good addition to bring some color into the living room.

Because the berries are fake, they will last forever!

8. Get a cute tray

centerpieces for fall

Trays are so much fun to create and are the perfect base for all table centerpieces.

To create a fall-themed tray, layer it with various fall-themed items such as faux pumpkins, pumpkin-spice candles, fall leaves, and pampas grass.

9. Orange and white centerpiece

easy centerpiece ideas

This fall centerpiece is all about cozy vibes.

The orange blossoms and white flowers bring a pop of color - while the metal vase and plaid cloth add a rustic, homey feel to your fall decor.

This is the perfect centerpiece for the dining room.

10. Fall wreath

easy centerpieces

Take the fall decor outside!

Recreate this wreath with some green and orange leaves, pumpkins, berry stems, and fall flowers.

It’s a cute idea, and it’s the perfect decor to give your guests a warm welcome.

This fall wreath is almost too beautiful to be kept outside.

11. Flowers, candles, and a lantern

fall centerpieces

Using lanterns to hold dried flowers is one way of upcycling them.

They also look really cute and are the perfect decor for the center of your table.

It is the perfect combo of modern and rustic.

You could even recreate this idea to use as wedding centerpieces.

12. Woven basket, pumpkins, and candles

centerpiece for coffee table

I am showing you another woven tray example because they are the perfect fall centerpiece.

There are zillions of different tray decor you can do, so keep playing around until you find your perfect one.

You can choose to be really playful or go super classic with a few of your favorite fall decor pieces.

13. Green and white fall centerpiece

centerpiece for kitchen island

Green and white are a cute combo that is quite unique for fall.

The neutral tones and natural elements make it a perfect fit for any home.

To recreate this fall look, all you need is a woven tray, greenery, white ceramics, and pumpkins to recreate this look.

14. A woven tray, pampas grass, and white pumpkins

fall tray decor

This simple centerpiece is perfect if you want to keep it simple and have an easy fall centerpiece for this holiday season.

Grab a woven tray, some cute pumpkins, and a few bunches of pampas grass in a white vase.

This centerpiece proves that sometimes, less is more.

15. Pumpkins and fairy lights

centerpiece for graduation party

Fairy lights are the epitome of cozy, so it makes perfect sense to include them in your fall decor.

To recreate this decor, you'll need a mix of white pumpkins, artificial green and gold leaves, a metal bucket, and a string of warm fairy lights

You can easily find these items at your local craft store or online.

This is the perfect idea if you want a simple fall centerpiece.

16. Gold, orange, pumpkins, and ceramics

centerpiece for kitchen table

If you want some DIY fall decorations that are slightly more subtle, then this is for you.

Add some berry stems into abstract vases; this serves as a focal point and does not look cluttered.

The metallic tones pair beautifully with the orange.

17. Pampas grass wreath

centerpiece for dining table

If you want a unique fall centerpiece, then you'll love this idea!

This pampas grass wreath adds a touch of creativity and elegance to the front door.

Not only is it stunning, but it is also the perfect seasonal decor that can also work as a Halloween centerpiece.

18. Pillar candles and pumpkin table runner

centerpiece for round dining table

Here is another example of a fall-themed table runner.

Table runners add a touch of class and fun to the typical dining setup.

Line the center of your dining table with large fall leaves, candles, and pinecones.

The easiest way to make your fall table decor look balanced is to play around with the scale.

How do you do this? Make sure you have fall decor pieces in various sizes.

19. Candles, pumpkins, dried flowers, and a rectangle tray

centerpiece for wedding

You only need a few decor pieces and a wooden tray to recreate this farmhouse-themed fall centerpiece.

I love how this simple living room idea uses a subtle pop of color to brighten up the space.

It’s a great way to bring the season into your home without overwhelming your space with traditional fall colors.

20. Create a fall entry table display

simple fall centerpiece ideas

Why not welcome your guests and bring fall decor to your entryway?

I really like how this entry table keeps it simple with a few large pumpkins and some warm, earthy tones.

This looks so cute and is ridiculously easy to recreate.

21. Red berries, white ranunculus, and ceramics

fall tiered tray decor

These ceramic vases are perfect because you can fit so much in them.

I love how the warm reds contrast beautifully against the white.

This easy fall centerpiece is super chic.

22. Eucalyptus and a white ceramic pitcher

fall decor living room

This timeless centerpiece is perfect if you want to keep it simple.

Place a few bunches of eucalyptus in a ceramic pitcher.

This woven basket adds a fun farmhouse feel to the centerpiece.

23. Floral fall lantern

fall decor indoors

Here is another example of how to reuse lanterns as decorative accents.

I love the bright flowers combined with the earthy tones; they inject life back into the space.

This creates such a warm and cozy vibe, it would work perfectly as a fall wedding centerpiece as well.

24. Gorgeous white, beige, and orange centerpiece

autumn centerpieces

This fall centerpiece brings the vibe of a pumpkin patch indoors!

All you need are a few pumpkins, some hay or pampas grass, and a rustic tray to recreate this natural look.

This is the perfect blend of modern and farmhouse.

It's chic and simple, making it the perfect seasonal centerpiece.

25. Subtle Halloween centerpiece

autumn centerpiece ideas

This subtle Halloween centerpiece is perfect if you want to leave your fall centerpiece up.

Get a wooden tray, a few mini pumpkins, and a cute but spooky skeleton to pop on your kitchen bench.

This easy fall centerpiece offers the best of both worlds: it can showcase fall decor and has some cute Halloween decorative accents.

DIY centerpieces

This post shows you the best inspo for fall centerpiece ideas!

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