This post shows you the best inspo for mason jar centerpiece ideas!

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your home?

There's no better way to do it than with mason jar centerpieces. 

Mason jar centerpieces are a delightful way to elevate your table decor.

Their low cost makes them perfect for any event, from weddings to everyday home décor.

From fresh flowers to cozy candles, these mason jar centerpiece ideas will inspire you to create a perfect centerpiece that's both stylish and inviting.

mason jar centerpieces

You should experiment with a few different mason jar centerpieces to see which style you like best.

Now, let's get into these mason jar centerpiece ideas!

1. White roses and baby breath

mason jar centerpieces for wedding

Elevate your decor or wedding reception with this beautiful centerpiece.

This gorgeous mason jar centerpiece incorporates white roses, baby's breath, and twine

It's such a simple idea that looks super elegant and chic.

2. Flowers, candles, and glass jars

mason jar centerpieces for graduation

Placing faux candles inside mason jars is the perfect addition to any dining room table.

They also look really cute with a burlap table runner underneath; it is the perfect decor for the center of your table.

It is the perfect combination of modern and rustic.

You could keep this centerpiece all year round; it would work perfectly for the holiday season.

3. Fresh flowers and tea lights

easy centerpieces

Take the mason jar centerpiece outside!

Recreate this centerpiece with pink roses, fairy lights, tea lights, and wood.

It's a cute idea and the perfect decor for every occasion - including special events.

This centerpiece is almost too beautiful to be kept outside.

4. Gorgeous sunflower mason jars

table centerpieces

Sometimes, you want a bold centerpiece, and that is totally reasonable.

These sunflower mason jars are a beautiful addition to anywhere in your home.

Tie some plaid ribbon around the outside of the jar to complete the look.

5. Fairy lights, daisies, and candles

mason jar table decor ideas

This table centerpiece is a beautiful addition to any table.

A humble mason jar with fresh flowers, string lights, and candle tea lights is a great way to create a gorgeous centerpiece.

This is an easy idea that makes your table settings seem less empty.

I also love how this look would work for any special events as well.

6. Wildflower mason jar centerpiece

easy centerpiece ideas

Personally, I love having a warm and cozy fall mason jar centerpiece in my home.

This is why I love this idea.

These cute glass jars with fall flowers and fairy lights make great centerpieces.

Experiment with different colors to find your favorite look.

7. Adorable pink roses and daisies

centerpieces for party

Is any centerpiece complete without including fairy lights?

Create a gorgeous DIY mason jar centerpiece on your table by adding a bunch of pink flowers wrapped in twinkle lights.

The warm lights create the coziness of the holiday months.

Pop them on top of a wooden log to create the perfect rustic look.

8. Baby's breath and twine

centerpiece ideas

If you're looking for something more classic, try this out.

These mason jars use baby's breath, jute twine, and burlap fabric to bring the feel of summer into the home.

Keep things minimal to create a modern summer centerpiece look.

9. Wooden mason jar holder

simple centerpieces

Using a wooden stand to hold up your mason jar is a game-changer for your home.

To recreate this look, you only need a few mason jars, a wooden block, and some of your favorite flowers.

This centerpiece has the perfect balance of colors for summer and doesn't feel cluttered.

10. Cute holiday decor

christmas centerpiece ideas

Here is a gorgeous example of how to use mason jars for Christmas decorations.

This mason jar uses red berries, fake snow, greenery, and twine to create the perfect centerpiece for the holiday season.

Pop faux candles into the mason jar to create a cozy feel.

11. Pearls, pearls, pearls

centerpiece for graduation party

Pearls are the epitome of timeless and chic, so it makes perfect sense to include them in your centerpiece.

These ideas are pretty easy to put together and look super stylish.

Grab a mason jar and fill it with a string of faux pearls and fresh flowers.

This is a great way to create an easy yet gorgeous mason jar centerpiece when you don't have much time.

12. White flowers, greenery, and twine

mason jar table decor

Mason jar centerpieces are so much fun to create and are the perfect way to tie your table together.

I love the color combination of green, white, and brown; it is timeless and chic.

To recreate this centerpiece, place white flowers such as gerber daisies, white roses, or baby's breath into your mason jars. 

Then, tie twine around your jar and add a few candles.

Make sure the flowers have some greenery to bring a pop of color to your table.

13. Burlap ribbon, mason jars, and summer flowers

mason jar table decor

This beautiful mason jar centerpiece is so unique.

Instead of the usual design, this centerpiece decor goes for a classic pink, white, and brown theme.

The burlap ribbon around the outside of the jar is an easy way to bring some rustic charm to the look.

The string lights are a good addition to bring some cozy mood lighting into the room.

14. Orange, yellow, and pink fall centerpiece

centerpiece for table

Shades of browns, oranges, yellows, and reds are a cute combo that encapsulates fall perfectly. 

This idea is pretty easy to recreate and looks super adorable. The best part? It is the perfect seasonal decor that can also work as a Halloween centerpiece.

Drape some twinkle lights around the mason jars for the finishing touch.

15. Vintage mason jars and wildflowers

mason jar tea lights

This is perfect for those who want something a little different.

This centerpiece uses a few vintage blue mason jars as the base, adding a fun pop of color.

All you need are a few bunches of your favorite wildflowers.

This mason jar centerpiece is a great example of the “less is more” approach.

16. Sunflowers, daisies, and twinkle lights

centerpiece for kitchen table

Nothing screams summer like daisies and sunflowers!

These stunning yellow flowers add a burst of color to your table.

You can display them in cute mason jars like this or place them in a traditional vase.

I love the fairy lights wrapped around them.

17. Glitter, pinecones, and candles

centerpiece for dining table

If you want a unique mason jar centerpiece, then you'll love this idea!

This centerpiece adds a touch of creativity and fun to the table.

Not only is it gorgeous, but it is the perfect addition to every home regardless of the occasion.

18. Keep it simple

centerpiece for coffee table

This is perfect for those who want a super classic centerpiece.

Sometimes, less is more.

Why not keep it simple and pop a few of your favorite flowers into a mason jar.

Add some fairy lights if you want to create a cozy feel.

DIY centerpieces

This post shows you the best inspo for mason jar centerpiece ideas!

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