This post shows you the best bathroom over the toilet storage ideas!

Small bathrooms can offer a design challenge, but even the smallest spaces can become chic and functional with the correct planning and creativity.

Extra storage space is welcome in every home, especially in a small bathroom where you may not want your toiletries and bathroom essentials to take up the entire space. 

In small bathrooms, shelving is usually the only free space you have. That's where over-the-toilet storage ideas come in handy.

In this blog post, I'll explore different small bathroom over-the-toilet storage ideas that maximize space and add a touch of elegance and charm to your bathroom.

small bathroom ideas

Now, let's get into these over the toilet storage ideas!

1. Over the toilet ladder shelf with bathroom essentials

over toilet farmhouse bathroom shelves

A bathroom ladder shelf over the toilet is a great idea if you live in a tiny bathroom or a rental and don’t want to install wall-mounted shelves.

Use it to store extra toilet paper, hand towels, glass jars with bath salts, or any bathroom necessities.

2. Simple wooden floating shelves over the toilet with wicker baskets and plants

bathroom shelf ideas

A toilet storage solution can be as straightforward as installing a few open shelves above one another and placing decorative elements like wicker baskets, extra towels, and a few plants on them.

Spice it up with some funky gold brackets to add a touch of luxury.

Using wicker baskets for extra storage space is also a great decorative item in your bathroom and is a great way to hide your less aesthetic bathroom products but keep them within easy reach.

3. Metal or stainless steel wire basket

Bathroom shelf display ideas

A metal wire basket can be an affordable and efficient toilet storage solution if you only have wall space available.

They come in a variety of different sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your bathroom.

4. Floating shelving with metal pipes

Bathroom shelving with iron pipes

Suprisingly, I love the look of these floating shelves.

This modern apartment bathroom has so many cute details, like succulents and plants, and even uses the metal railing as a towel rack! 

Use your bathroom floating shelves for hand towels, beauty products, and other essentials.

5. Wooden over-the-toilet storage tower

bathroom storage decor ideas

In a small space, a toilet storage unit with lots of storage space is crucial in small apartment bathrooms.

A wooden over-the-toilet storage tower is perfect for storing toiletries, towels, and decorative items.

These storage solutions are great to make the most of limited bathroom space.

6. White modern bathroom shelves over the toilet with green vines

bathroom shelf decor over toilet modern

My favorite DIY bathroom shelf idea is decorating your shelves with vines!!

Sometimes, a white bathroom can look sterile, and including greenery can create a beautiful balance.

A pothos plant is a perfect bathroom option because it can handle various lighting conditions, so you don't need to stress over its care.

Always choose a lighter color in a smaller space as it will create an illusion that your space is bigger and brighter.

7. Cute modern bathroom decor with gold accents

bathroom shelf decor

An open shelf with gold accents is one of the best combos; it looks so luxurious.

To get this look, hang a small open shelf with gold railings above your toilet.

Then, place candles, succulents, incense, and other decorative pieces for a simple design.

8. Black metal shelving unit

modern bathroom shelf decor

If you want something stable with lots of storage, these shelving units are some of the best options.

These over-the-toilet shelving units only take up vertical space, making them one of the best options to create some much-needed storage space.

Place your aesthetic bathroom essentials and some cute floral accents to make it look pretty.

9. Boho bathroom toilet storage shelf with a funny sign and succulents

how to style bathroom shelves

If you love the Bohemian vibe, wooden shelves with cute succulents, wicker baskets, and foliage.

Add a funny sign or a cute chalkboard to add some character to your bathroom; it serves as a great focal point.

10. Bathroom towel bar

shelf decor bathroom

A great spot to place a towel bar is above the toilet.

A towel rail is a simple solution to free up extra space around your bathroom – opt for a gold railing to give it a more modern design.

11. Farmhouse wall shelf decor

decorative bathroom wall shelves

Add the farmhouse aesthetic to your bathroom with dark wood floating shelves, rattan baskets, and metal brackets.

Include some ceramics, plants, and glass jars for a modern look.

12. Simple built-in shelves with practical storage baskets

small bathroom shelf decor

If you're one of the lucky ones with built-in shelving, take full advantage of it.

Built-in shelves are a great place to store towels, toilet paper, skincare products, body wash, and other bathroom necessities.

Keep your bathroom design simple with a dedicated area to store your essential items and other minimalist decor items for easy access.

13. Thick wood floating bathroom shelves with simple decor

bathroom wall shelves ideas

Thick open shelves can give your bathroom a super fun look!

The solution to making your bathroom look stylish is to find a way to make practical products look cute.

Decorate your shelves with cute objects like plants, glass jars to store products in, and linen.

Wall shelving is also a fantastic way to improve floor space.

14. Placing a tray on top of the toilet tank

small bathroom wooden tray

If you love the farmhouse aesthetic, include a wooden tray above your toilet.

A cute tray is ideal for keeping your hand soap, ceramics, small plants, and moisturizer.

Not only does it add extra storage space, but it also gives your bathroom a put-together look.

15. Medicine Cabinets

floating shelves bathroom

A toilet cabinet is a great way to overcome a small bathroom, optimize storage, and maximize your vertical space.

For a more modern look, keep the cabinet doors white and decorate around it with cute accents.

bathroom shelf decor ideas

This post showed you the best bathroom over the toilet storage ideas!

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