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This post shows you the best coffee table decorating ideas!

Coffee table decor can be a bit of a challenge, but it can pull your whole living space together if done right.

These coffee table decorating ideas will help you create a stunning focal point in your living room.

Whether you love a modern, clean, minimalist look or something more vibrant, I've got you covered.

All you need are items like a large tray, ceramics, candles, vases, stacks of books, and other fun accents.

I love to update my coffee table decor with the seasons to keep things fresh and interesting.

coffee table decorating ideas for living room

Now, let's get into these coffee table decorating ideas!

1. Add fresh flowers

spring coffee table decor

Fresh flowers are a simple way to brighten up any living room.

When spring is on the horizon, it’s the perfect way to freshen up your coffee table decor.

Consider adding spring flowers like tulips for a pop of color.

A simple vase with your favorite flowers can make all the difference.

It also gives you a chance to easily update your decor for every season.

Wooden tray

Faux tulips

2. Go for a farmhouse theme

coffee table decor

If you love rustic charm, farmhouse coffee table decor is the way to go.

Think about incorporating items like distressed wood trays, woven baskets, mason jars filled with fresh flowers, bead garlands, and pampas grass.

This circular woven tray is fantastic for that rustic farmhouse vibe.

Pair it with some wooden beads and ceramics to complete the look.

Woven tray

Wood garland beads

3. Add a stack of coffee table books

white coffee table decor

Coffee table books are an easy way to add some visual interest to your coffee table.

Choose books with beautiful covers and interesting topics that reflect your personality.

Stack them neatly and top with a small decorative item like a candle or a plant.

It's a simple way to make your coffee table both functional and beautiful.

Wood tray

4. Go for neutral tones

coffee table decor with neutral tones

Neutral tones blend seamlessly with any decor style, making it easy to update your look.

They also make your space feel calm.

Choose items like beige candles, white vases, funky ceramics, and light-colored books.

With neutral tones, I like to play around with various textures to add some interest.

Beige ceramics

5. Modern coffee table decor

neutral coffee table design

Modern coffee table decor is all about clean lines and keeping things minimal.

Think sleek metal trays, geometric vases, greenery, and contemporary coffee table books.

Opt for a minimalist color scheme or bold contrasts to keep things interesting.

I love the look of this round coffee table, it is so simple but looks so modern and elegant.

Rattan tray

Textured vase

6. Keep it black and white

coffee table decor with black tones

Want to make a bold statement with your coffee table decor?

Black and white tones are the perfect choice.

Opt for items like black trays, white vases, and monochrome books to to create a contemporary look.

The black and white palette is versatile and complements any style.

7. Get a wooden tray

glass coffee table decor

If you want to keep your coffee table styling cute and organized, a tray is your best friend.

Choose a stylish tray to group together candles, books, and small decor items.

Trays make it easy to switch up your decor whenever you like.

For a farmhouse style living room, I would go for a woven or rattan tray.

Faux wildflowers

8. Update it with seasonal accents

coffee table decor with wood

Want to keep your coffee table decor from feeling boring?

Try using seasonal accents.

Swap out items like candles, flowers, and decorative pieces to reflect the current season.

In spring, choose light and airy decor like pastel candles and a vase of fresh tulips. For Easter, add playful touches like ceramic bunnies, decorated eggs, and a small themed centerpiece.

Fall is perfect for cozy items like pumpkins, autumn leaves, and spiced candles. Christmas calls for festive touches like mini Christmas trees, holiday-themed candles, and a bowl of ornaments

Faux pumpkins

9. Use an ottoman as a coffee table

ottoman coffee table

Ottomans are so popular at the moment, and for good reason.

An ottoman bench allows you to add extra seating or more space for decor.

To recreate this look all you need is a throw blanket, a circular wooden tray, a few books, and some succulents.

Ottoman bench

10. Use a mix of elements

colorful coffee table decor

Looking to create a stunning coffee table display?

Try combining multiple elements.

Use a mix of candles, books, vases, and decorative items to add depth and interest.

Layering different textures and heights creates a dynamic look.

11. Add candles

coffee table decor with candlestick

Adding candles to your coffee table brings a warm and cozy glow to your living room.

Scented candles can add a delightful fragrance to the space, making it even cozier.

I love to mix and match taper candles because you can easily play around with colors and different heights.

You can also include candlesticks to add dimension to your living room and create a layered look.

Faux candles

12. Add your favorite things

coffee table styling

Make your coffee table decor truly yours by adding your favorite things.

Display items such as a beloved book, a special souvenir, or a favorite candle.

These personal touches add character and warmth to your living room.

Arrange them on a stylish tray to keep everything organized.

13. Play with scale

elegant coffee table design

The easiest way to make your coffee table decor look balanced is to play around with the scale.

How do you do this? Make sure you have decor pieces that vary in size.

For example, pair large pieces like a tall vase of flowers, book stacks, with a few smaller items like coasters or candles.

This contrast adds depth and draws the eye, making your coffee table a focal point.

14. Keep it simple

simple coffee table decor

Sometimes, less is more when it comes to coffee table decor.

Keep it simple with just a few carefully chosen items like a sleek tray, a favorite book, a single candle, and some greenery.

This minimalist approach ensures your space feels uncluttered.

I like to stick to the odd numbers rule, decorating in 3, 5, or 7. Then include items of varying heights.

Eucalyptus stems

15. Use a large bowl and ceramics

simple coffee table decor

A large wooden bowl paired with a ceramic vase makes for a stunning coffee table centerpiece.

The wooden bowl adds a touch of rustic charm, while the ceramic vase offers a sleek, modern contrast.

Use the bowl to display seasonal decor or keep it empty for a minimalist look.

16. Incorporate gold accents

coffee table decor with gold accents

Gold and marble accents are a fantastic way to add a touch of luxury to your coffee table decor.

This coffee table decor uses subtle gold accents on the coaster, candle, and table.

The combination of gold and marble is timeless and adds a sense of elegance.

It's an easy way to make your coffee table stand out.

17. Add a centerpiece

coffee table decor

Adding a centerpiece to your coffee table can create a stunning focal point in your living room.

Choose a statement piece like a large vase, a decorative bowl, or an artistic sculpture.

This coffee table uses a large vase with dried flowers.

A centerpiece adds depth and interest to your coffee table setup.

It's a simple addition that makes a big impact on your living room decor.

18. Opt for a boho aesthetic

bohemian themed coffee table

For a laid-back and stylish coffee table, go for a boho centerpiece.

Think natural materials, woven trays, colorful ceramics, or a macrame plant holder.

These pieces bring a touch of nature and earthy textures to the coffee table.

It's an easy way to make your coffee table look stylish and cozy.

19. Add pops of color to your coffee table

coffee table centerpieces

Adding pops of color to your coffee table decor can instantly brighten up your living room

Add in a lantern, vibrant vases, colorful books, or even small succulents.

The best part? A few well-placed colorful items can transform your coffee table into a focal point.

20. Use a wooden tray for easy coffee table styling

coffee table decor with brown tones

I am showing you another tray example because they look so cute.

Place a few twine-wrapped candles, some eucalyptus, and notebooks on the tray.

There are so many different trays out there, so experiment with them to find the perfect shape for your coffee table.

Whether it is a round tray, rectangular tray, or square tray; they serve as a great base for your living room coffee table.


21. Make use of your side table

elegant coffee table design

If you have a small apartment and no space for a coffee table, a side table can be a perfect solution.

They provide a convenient spot for essentials like a lamp, books, or a cup of coffee

It’s a simple way to make the most of your space without sacrificing style.

Side table

22. Coastal coffee table styling

coffee table decor with bright colors

Coastal coffee table styling is all about creating a light and airy feel.

Start with a natural wooden or whitewashed tray and add items like seashells, driftwood, and candles

This coastal tray includes seashells, starfish, blue ceramics, scented candles, and a few small decor pieces to personalize it.

Seashells and starfish

tray decor for everyday

This post shows you the best coffee table decorating ideas!

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