This post shows you the best Halloween decor ideas for outside!

Can you believe Halloween is just around the corner?

Give your outdoor space a spooky makeover with these outdoor Halloween decoration ideas for inspiration.

When it comes to Halloween decorations, nothing is off-limits. 

Whether you want lots of pumpkins, fresh fall flowers, a cute or pretty vibe, or a spooky setup filled with spider webs, skulls, and ghosts – I've got you covered.

halloween decorations outdoor

These ideas include decor for your front door, porch, yard, steps, and windows!

Now, let's get into these Halloween decor ideas for outside!

1. A spooky greeting

halloween outside decorations

The front steps of this home really embody the Halloween spirit.

To recreate this, all you need is a chalkboard sign, a few orange and white pumpkins, string lights lanterns, LED candles and hay.

2. A large Halloween wreath

halloween wreath ideas

How gorgeous is this fall wreath on the front door?

I love using warm orange during fall and Halloween, and this wreath looks straight out of architectural digest.

3. Happy Halloween Doormat

DIY halloween decorations

Welcome your guests with a cute Halloween doormat.

Complete the look with a few faux pumpkins or plastic spiders.

4. DIY bat tree

outdoor halloween decor

If you have a few trees in your front yard and are looking for a creative DIY project that is a little bit scary but minimalistic, try this out.

Decorate a tree with spooky black bats; it is easy and relatively budget-friendly.

You can also hang them on your front porch or inside!

5. Pampas grass wreath

halloween decor ideas

This is more of a farmhouse-style Halloween decor and looks so beautiful!

The pampas grass pairs so well with the pumpkins.

Add miniature skulls, plastic spiders, or bats if you want a more spooky look.

6. Minimalist Halloween decor

halloween decor DIY

Are you more of a minimalist?

If you want your outdoor decorations simple, stick to lighter colors and focus on a few key elements.

This approach is often more budget-friendly and offers a more chic and sophisticated look.

7. Add cute decor to your windows

halloween decorations party

An easy way to transform your windows into a spooky scene is with black silhouette cutouts of bats, witches, or ghosts.

Backlight them with orange or purple lights to make it look more eery.

8. Ghost decorations

halloween door decorations

How adorable are these ghosts?

This is a surprisingly easy DIY!

All you need are white tablecloths, balloons or styrofoam balls, garden stakes, and a black marker to draw on facial features.

Experiment with different fabric lengths and widths to create a variety of ghost sizes.

9. Wall bats

halloween porch decorating

Here is another easy and affordable DIY project you can create!

Sticking bats onto the wall outside can create a simple yet effective Halloween decoration.

It adds a spooky touch without being too overwhelming.

10. Halloween ghosts

minimalist halloween decor

This adorable ghost yard sign is a perfect example of how to add a playful touch to your outdoor decor.

The cute and friendly design makes it less intimidating and more family-friendly.

Place them among your plants or alongside your walkway to greet guests and trick-or-treaters.

11. Floating witches hats

halloween front yard decorations

The floating witch hats are another creative Halloween porch decor idea.

If your porch is not quite wide enough for furniture, but you still want to decorate it - this is perfect for you.

You can even take it to the next level by adding floating candlesticks.

12. Cardboard tombstones

fall wreaths for front door

Look how good these Halloween tombstones look!

All you need to recreate this are cardboard boxes, a touch of spray paint, and some paper mache.

13. Halloween wreaths

halloween front yard decor

How cool does this black wreath look?

Dark wreaths are perfect for the spooky season.

14. Pumpkin patch

halloween outside decorations DIY

If you want to lean into the fall theme, create a pumpkin patch!

Include hay stacks, a scarecrow, and warm-toned fall flowers.

Consider stacking wood crates on top of one another and adding fall leaves to create a perfect fall/Halloween combo.

15. Cute ghost window stickers

halloween outside house decorations

These cute ghost stickers are perfect if you want to capture the Halloween vibe without it being too scary.

I am a sucker for Halloween window stickers because you can easily transform your space.

16. A stack of painted pumpkins

halloween outside ideas

Are you looking for a huge Halloween outdoor centerpiece?

This is it!

You will need to grab some large pumpkins and paint a few with black and white acrylic paint.

Fill in the empty spaces with beautiful fresh flowers and a large faux crow.

17. Use a spooky door sign

halloween outside lights

The front door is the perfect place to add a Halloween sign!

It can serve as a focal point for your outdoor decor, tying together other elements like pumpkins, lanterns, and cobwebs.

18. Keep it simple

halloween front yard ideas

Switching up your doormat is one of the quickest ways to get in the Halloween spirit.

This is the perfect solution if you've left your Halloween decorating to the last minute (we've all been there).

There are an endless amount of cute options to choose from.

19. Door stickers

halloween wreath

Door stickers are a simple and budget-friendly way to decorate your front door for Halloween.

They can feature designs like spooky ghosts, eerie eyes, or creepy crawly spiders.

Plus, it's an easy way to add a personal touch and express your Halloween spirit.

20. Farmhouse-style outdoor Halloween decorations

halloween wreaths for front door

This Halloween porch decor is next level!

Think about adding natural elements like hay bales, cornstalks, and wood crates to create a cozy farmhouse vibe.

Add some vintage lanterns, white pumpkins, and a wreath made of dried leaves or twigs to finish it off.

21. Halloween directional signs

modern halloween decorations
Created by Tara Churchfield, owner of @HalliesCollectibles

These wooden signs on Etsy have a farmhouse look but still capture the Halloween spirit.

Point out spooky destinations like Salem, Elm Street, Transylvania, or Amityville.

These are super easy to DIY, or you can find them on Etsy.

22. Add scary spider stickers to your windows

DIY halloween decorations outdoor

How scary does this look!!

You can use window decals or even DIY spider silhouettes to achieve this effect.

Use some Halloween lighting to illuminate them from the inside and enhance the scare factor.

23. Halloween lanterns

decorating front porch for halloween

Decorating your outdoor space for Halloween doesn't always have to be about the scare factor.

Line your walkway with colorful these colorful pumpkin pathway lights.

Choose pumpkins with smiling faces to keep the mood light and fun.

You can add an eerie touch with accents like black lanterns, spider webs, bats, or spooky silhouettes.

24. Witches cauldron

scary halloween decorations

Placing a witch's cauldron on the front porch is a classic way to add some Halloween charm to your home.

Fill it with faux fog, colorful lights, or even some spooky decorations like plastic spiders or eyeballs.

25. Line your pathway with LED pumpkins

scary halloween decorations outdoor

How insanely cute does this look!

Lining the pathway with LED pumpkins creates a magical atmosphere.

Plus, the soft glow of the pumpkins will make your home a standout in the whole neighborhood.

This post has shown you the best Halloween decor ideas for outside!

DIY halloween wreath

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