This post shows you the best entry table decor ideas!

Looking to spruce up your entryway?

Entry table decor ideas can transform this often-overlooked space into a welcoming first impression.

The key to a well-styled entry table is balancing functionality and aesthetics.

A well-designed entryway usually includes a designated drop zone with a stylish bowl or chic tray to place frequently used items like keys and wallets.

If you live in a small apartment, you can squeeze in extra storage by placing storage baskets under the entry table.

Wicker baskets look adorable and can be perfect for storing blankets and pillows.

Also, including a large mirror is crucial as it makes your space look bigger and brighter.

Now, let's get into these entryway table decor ideas!!

1. Including Flowers and Greenery

A white farmhouse wooden entry table with white flowers, coffee table books, and rattan baskets

Strategically placed indoor plants like flowers and fresh greenery (faux branches or dried flowers if you want them to last a while) are an easy way to add a personal touch to your entry table styling.

2. Wood and gold entry table decor

A white farmhouse wooden entry table with white flowers, coffee table books, and rattan baskets

An easy way to create a stylish entryway table is by sticking to two modern materials – wood and gold.

This makes your space automatically look put together.

Start with a sleek gold-framed mirror above the table to reflect light and make the space feel larger.

Add in a large vase of greenery to add a pop of color.

3. Dark Wood and Gold

A darker grey entry table with gold accents and plants

Dark wood combined with gold hardware is an elegant color palette.

This color scheme creates a warm and inviting atmosphere in an apartment.

Make a good first impression by using these colors in your entryway.

4. Making the Most of Storage Space

A warm farmhouse entry with a wooden table, area rug, flowers and vase

Foyer tables are the perfect opportunity to add some storage.

Baskets on the shelves of this table and underneath give you plenty of places to keep things organized and out of sight.

Opt for baskets that match the color scheme of the rest of your space.

I love the woven basket; it looks so stylish in a farmhouse-style apartment.

5. Bohemian Chic

A bohemian entry table with a sun mirror, gold accents and a table lamp.

Create a boho entryway with this beautifully styled entry table.

The focal point is the gold sunburst mirror, which instantly adds a touch of glamour and makes the space feel larger.

This entry console table only uses earthy tones, with a touch of pampas grass, to give guests a warm welcome.

To keep the area clutter-free, add a woven basket beneath the table to provide handy storage.

6. Coastal Vibes

A blue and white entry with pampas grass, a circular mirror and rattan furniture.

Do you love coastal style or live close to the water or beach? Decorate your entryway table with seaside vibes.

Add your personal touch to your entryway using a blue accent wall, seashells and pampas grass in a vase.

7. Dark Wood With Plants

A darker wooden entry table with a lamp, plants and circular mirror

The rustic wooden table makes the entryway feel cozy and inviting.

I love how the entry table has a sleek white lamp, a mix of natural elements like potted plants - this is the perfect mix of rustic and modern.

8. Simplistic and Modern

A wooden entry table with plants and a lamp shade

I love how simple this entry table decor is.

This entry space looks balanced and inviting.

The decor pieces are simple: a table lamp, greenery, a circular mirror, a few bowls, and a rattan basket.

Sometimes, you can even use a pair of lamps to create a symmetrical look.

9. Black and Gold Accents

A black and gold metal entry table

Modern entry tables showcase clean lines, sleek materials, and bold design elements.

These console tables are perfect for contemporary apartments and often make an impressive statement in a room.

The dark wood and metal entry table is highly versatile and looks elevated and chic despite being inexpensive.

10. A Farmhouse Entry Table With A Large Square Mirror

A long square mirror behind an entry table

This farmhouse entry table is super adorable.

I love how it brings in more warmth with pampas grass, ceramic accessories and gold hardware.

11. Funky Mirror and Pampas Grass

A black and wood entry table with a bowl and arc shaped mirror.

Including a fun mirror with round edges is a great way to add personality to your entry table.

Ikea or target are great options when it comes to affordable entryway furniture.

12. Warm Wooden Entry Way with Green Plants

A wooden table with a big plant and circle mirror

If you have a small area, keep it simple and opt for a small table with space for storage underneath it.

If you want to keep your entry decor super straightforward, all you need are some wooden accents and some greenery.

The beauty of greenery is how it can instantly bring energy into your space.

13. Entry Way Spring Decor

A wooden entry table with a table lamp, vase, and rattan baskets

Entry tables are the perfect spot to update for seasonal decor.

Adding a few flowers and cute rattan accessories goes a long way for Spring.

14. Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper

Stick floral white wallpaper with a large gold circular mirror and a wooden table

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is a fantastic way to add personality and style to your entryway without the commitment of traditional wallpaper.

Choose a pattern that complements your home's aesthetic, whether it's a bold geometric design or a subtle floral print, to make a statement as soon as you walk in.

This is perfect for renters or those who love to frequently update their decor.

15. Entry Console Decor with Decorative Items

A grey and white sofa with plants

Paying attention to the scale of the decor items on your table is so important.

Be careful to choose objects proportionate to the size of the entry table and the area around it.

Different-sized items create visual interest and make your entry table look more balanced.

16. Using a Wooden Bench

A wooden entry table with a white lamp, a circle mirror and a rattan basket

If you have limited space by your front door, opt for a small bench.

Place a mirror behind the console table to create the illusion of more space and a sense of depth, further enhancing the visual appeal.

17. Dark Wood Entry Table Decor

A dark wooden table with lots of candles, plants and vases

It can be challenging when decorating a small space, but this entryway does it beautifully.

Pick a few large items, like this round mirror and a glass vase.

Then, add a few smaller items like picture frames and candles.

This is a clever way to add visual interest and depth to the space.

18. Farmhouse aesthetic

A farmhouse entry table with pampas grass

Despite the entry table's design being farmhouse style, the table decor is fresh and contemporary.

Have you ever heard the saying that you should decorate in groups of three? I don't know how it works, but it is more pleasant to the eye.

This wooden entry table has a few statement pieces, and the decor pieces are smaller scale, completing the look.

19. Black and Wood Entry Table Decor

A gold circle mirror and black entry table with plants and chestnuts

Simple but stunning! A black wooden entry table goes with everything.

The variety in textures, from the sleek table surface to the woven baskets and the mirror, creates a visually appealing entrance.

A woven basket underneath the table is a great place to store blankets or throw pillows and add a cozy feel.

entry table decor

This post shows you the best entry table decor ideas.

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